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Assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia!

*again with the cheeky political greeting.can't help myself*

This is the first post for week 5 of october. the 2nd post is due before monday. for those of you who dont know what im talking about, i have restricted myself to write atleast two post per week in order to give life to this lifeless blog i have.


anyhuu, as the title may have highlighted it to you, i've decided to touch on malaysian politics for this post, as scary as it may sound. to talk about politics in malaysia, openly that is, not the "dalam kain" one, is taboo. u might never know when ISA is gonna creep into your room and put you in a ransack and beating the hell out of you before the media can even caught up with it. Reminds me of a movie i liked. " V for Vendetta". Seen dat movie? Its a movie in which the hero is an anarchist and a criminal to the government. In which that the hero tries to find a way to change the current totalitarian british government. ofcourse the sad part was the hero was not that all good-looking, in fact he didnt even show his face throughout the movie coz he's busy pretending to be Guy Fawkes. pfffft~

well, movie reviewing aside, its the current scene im worried about. Being a true-blue Malaysian, its always in your interest to know the current on-goings in your country, especially if you live in the capital of the country. Ofcourse, you can find a lot of Malaysians that gives no shit to the current political scene, some doesnt even know whose the current ministers in what-departments. i'll bet they dont even know whose the Dewan Rakyat's speaker too. hurm, i pity these oblivious type of malaysians.coz when shit happens all they can do, and are very good at is to blame the government, when in the 1st place its them who dont give a shit. how selfish ek kadang2 malaysians can be...

there's been a lot going on inside malaysia currently, and a lot of it does not involve the Malaysia Cup. (Kelantan is favourites by the way). Its about how the two main political bodies, BN and the Pakatan is painting our front page every now and then.

The current tussle of power in MCA is still ongoing despite media pressure.PM feels that its best to let them settle their own problems and stay united whilst still gains the trust of Chinese and Malaysians in a whole. Gimme a break! They can't even settle their own problem, how do you expect them to tackle problems inside the chinese community? I mean, the PM must step inside and resolve this power struggle once and for all. Its beginning to bore the rakyat and the chinese community in particular.If the people who were SUPPOSE to represent them is fighting over matters that can be solved with just pure understanding, what affect do they give to the rakyat? what virtues of a true politician are they showing? The blaming game is undone. thus it must be intervene by a higher authority. If BN can't solve the problems of parties in their own side, who else can and would?

the Pakatan has it shares of stories as well. Lately, there have been soo many party leaders who have lost confidence in their party and decided to jump ships or be independent. Todays NST reports that two PKR leaders in Sabah have lost confidence in the leadership and decided to resign from their post. The story is no different inside PAS. PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa was accused of being problematic by Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz despite Nasharuddin was appointed to the seat by an overwhelming majority. A trust issue even in a party that was supposedly to ber'pakat' for the rakyat? something is terribly wrong here and the rakyat is in jeopardy.

hoping that these problems is resolved throuhgout the years to come before the next general election. Cause when the next GE comes, the rakyat would already know who to choose and who to ditch. hopefully all is in the best cause for Malaysians.

Salam 1Malaysia!


as promised, two titles in one post. Hehe. jimat masa, ruang, and most of all my neurons. anyhuu, starting from today onwards the 2nd post will bare the title (as seen in bold above) due to the fact that the 2nd post will be about me. Boring? yes. Should you read it? in case if you have the time, what the hell.

i had other ideas at first to start this part of the post but i think i'll share a little story about how a visit from my dad last wednesday made me think about who am i in the future. Last monday, dad had a management conference in KL and would last untill wednesday. He said he would come and see me once the conference is over. So come wednesday, he called me and wanted to take me out to dinner. I thought it was only me and dad that night but due to the lack of time as dad was due in office the next day in JB, he decided to call his business partner along as they had some things to discuss. Was a bit frustrated that dad was still in business mood even when i'm here, but i took that he's doing it for us. dad's business partner took us to Jakes Steak House (if that what it's called). They talked business from start to the very end of our meal. I didnt understand a word. All that came identified in my mind was "piling","expensive","golf","constructions sites","projects" and afterwards i clearly wasnt interested. But as i was eavesdropping and having a bite of the beautiful Chicken Bombay I ordered, I cant help thinking that, my dad came from an engineering background. how he evolved in becoming a master in business terms is oblivious to me. Just like dad, I studied statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, but never in my mind that i would consider businees as one of my majors.

Dad has been an inspiring figure for me. he's intelligent, book-smart, knows how to control his childrens and most of all, he gives us siblings our monthly allowances *Ka-chiiiing*. Dad never went to the overseas to study but his english is way beyond me. At times, dad tries to instill bits and parts of entrepreneurship into me but keluar telinga kiri je. lol~

But, seeing me in Dad's figure come 20 years later is a very high mountain to climb. Being the eldest in the family, you would have the feeling that you're the one who would follow your dad's footsteps. Yes, i can be like dad. i can grow grey hair, play golf with a handicap of 12, have a fat bank account, marry my soulmate, but what i can't do is have the same knowledge, live the same experience, inspires my children the same way he inspires me. I will be like you dad, but i won't be the exact same person as you are. you will overshadows me at times, but i will decide where the sun rises in the end dad.

Love ya dad!

examination progress:

Heat Trasnfer (chapter 1) ~ dah habis! yeah!

Vibration (chapter 1) ~ work in progress.

Control (chapter 1) ~ work in progress.

Instrument (chapter 1) ~ all is in my head. yeah!

ps : preparations for exams are the pain in the buttocks!

Assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia!

*the greeting was politically cheeky*

i'm soooo damn back to the blogging world people.and this time its for real.(i've been saving to say this for like 3 month already). my last post was dated way back in 29th august 2009. today it's 26th october 2009. 2 month with no updates. sooo sorry u guys! (as if you have any avid readers lar~).

apologies aside, i will revolutionize my blog starting from tonight and things will change around here. first of all, u might see that the template is neat and nice. all credit to miss aisyah kamaruddin. better known as 'AisyahKama' in the blogsphere. (i owe her cheese nan)

in addition, i will have and update duration to my blog. meaning that i will update the blog on a fixed time basis. (and i realli do hope that i will obey this!).for every one week, there will be at least two blog post on issues randomly selected by yours truly. this is due to the fact that i like to postpone what i want to put in here until in the end i keep delaying till i forgot what i wanted to put in the first place.

next, my blog will consist of two sections.yes,ONLY two sections per post. the first and main section will be a general post in which it will consists of serious issues. ( i consider football as a very serious issue so live with it!lol~). i will post on issues mostly on football, on being malaysian, on politics,etc. however, for the 2nd and minor post, it will be a post of personal progress on studies, engineering projects or anything that i do which only would effect myself and those very close around me.

like the 2part blog idea? i sure hope u do coz i've put some thoughts on this and its gonna be awesome!

for today, my post will end here due to the fact that its already 6pm and the gym is calling. it was nice to blog again.well, c ya!

ps im in my study week.this means i will update every progress i did thruout the day in the hope that it'll be a push for me to finish studying b4 my paper starts.

pss dad is in KL.i have to play nice AGAIN.pfffft~

song of the day : viva la vida (coldplay)

salam and good day.

As fate would have decide it in any other day, Arsenal can never win at Old Trafford. And that day falls upon a fine evening in Manchester, England on the 29th of August 2009. Ofcourse it's already the weehours of 31st August 2009 (Merdeka!) in home soil when they play at Old Trafford, but the eyes would never say no to football. And whats that Rooney? You should have taken the penalty at the Burnley game? Ahh..I couldnt agree more Rooney sir.

Anyways, the game was explosive right from the start. The ball was pretty much Man U to gave away and they did make some mistakes that sends them regretting ever doing it in the first place. Here's how I rate the players on tonights match (out of 10);

Ben Foster. 7.5 - Could have done better to stop Arshavin's goal. But, redeemed himself by foot-saving Van Persie's on target shot.

Patrice Evra. 7.5 - Small but deadly. Hold on to Eboue well in the 1st half but starts losing him in the 2nd due to excessive offensive runs.Great pace by the way. Sometimes work well with Nani on short and through passes. Had a shot on goal. But well beaten by height with Nicklas Bentdner in the 2nd half. Yellow card for causing no harm at all with 'dramatic' Eboue.

John O'shea. 5.0 - Not having the best of his games tonight thou.Too many times he let Arshavin let pass thru him and Arshavin sure did cause a hole in United's defence. Yellow card for obstructing someone in the midline.

Wes Brown. 6.0 - Works well with Vidic although did some very costly mistakes. Almost handed Van Persie and Eduardo with chances to score with the unnecessary back-passes to Foster. Good in the air thou. Yellow card for something. I dunno. Hee~

Nemanja Vidic. 7.0 - Solid as rock.Van Persie was put under his shadow at all times. Create an understanding with Brown and Foster. 2 thumbs up you lucky Serbian you!

Nani. 7.0 - Efficient at times when there were chances. Created a lot of chances for United's attack. Dribbles well and the through pass to Berbatov in the ending minute was a beauty. Nani the new Ronaldo? Maybe.

Darren Fletcher. 8.0 - Man of the Match for me. Work hard. Was in all places at all times. United may end their search for a midfield maestro as they have one in the form of a Scottish that is soo thin but holds the ball as if his superman.

Ryan Giggs. 6.0 - He was overall poor today. Probably the age is taking its toll on him. Loses the ball too easily. Passing are average and sometimes doesnt even reached the desired teammate. This should be his last season of football I think. Go back to Wales and feed the dragons ea pakcik.

Antonio Valencia. 6.5 - Average. He could have done a lot more to saviour his transfer fee of 15 mil pound and satisfy the public that he is the ideal replacement of Ronaldo on the right wing. Didn't perform today,but still waiting for some dramatic improvement in the next game.

Michael Carrick. 6.0 - Why the hell is he even on the field today if my grandma can play better than him.Lets just face it. Defensive Midfielder isn't a position that suits Carrick. He can't play "Xabi Alonso" ball in United.

Wayne Rooney. 7.5 - Scored a penalty. A constant menace to both Vermalean and Gallas. Continued his fine form for United. Keep it up boy!


Park Ji-Sung. 6.5 - This hardworking Korean didn't influenced the game as he wished he had. Was always outrun by Clichy and clearly can never beat an ARSE player throught strength. Wished he had featured earlier in the game.Go to the gym some more and buff up that body!

Berbatov. 5.5 - As to why he was brought in, in the first place was a complete mystery to me. He didn't score when Nani gave him the most beautiful thru pass ever. Didnt even test Almunia at all. A Bad Day for the Bulgarian.

Cant wait for next week's game. Glory2 Man United.
Brunch is not so bad once u've tried.I had it this morning/afternoon.And by the looks of it, my stomach is a bit confius rite now.

Lepak-ing at the faculty is not a bad idea also once you get used to studying under a very-fast moving ceiling fan which someone would mistakenly confused it with a helicopter rotor on backwards. So here I am,after brunch, lepak-ing at level 2 of the Engineering Tower (was it right to capitilise 'E' and 'T'?).

First of all, my deepest and sincere apology due to my absence in the blogging world about 2 month or so. I have plenty of reasons lined up. One of it is my recent lack of ideas and writers block that comes when you spend two month taking up failed papers when other people are enjoying their stupid holidays! (well, the reason it's stupid coz everbody else got to enjoy theirs but me). Anyway, pointless complaining aside, I'm back, for good, Insyallah.

My absence was not without something. I actually have many to tell and discuss in this blog of mine. Noticed the new template? Decided to make it more simplistic. Words, titles and an angel of death on the side.Reason? None. Hey, it's my blog, so live with it. Owh, credit to my friend AisyaKama. She did all the codings and what not. I was never really good at programming thou. Thanx a lot AisyaKama. Heard she's unemployed. Well, hope she finds a job or continues her studies. All the best~

For today's enrty, I would like to discuss on a lacking of a human quality in some of my peeps that I have found to be very very disturbing, COMMITMENT. Yes,yes, I know what you guys are thinking and i promise you this would not be a lecture session given by an unqualified-yet-to-have-a-degree-but-very-good-looking-malay-guy. (Owke, the last part was a bit exxagerated.hehe).

Here's the story. Last night I had a drama gathering session seniors-and-juniors for our weekly practice. Since the coordinator had something else to be 'busied' with, she had ask me to conduct the gathering first. Well, me being who I am, obligated to her wishes in the sake of my COMMITMENT to the drama team that I love (also a bit exxagerated). So I went to this certain 'senior' member of the drama team and asked him to come down and meet the juniors. And this is where the story got pretty hot. His fucking-selfish-very-rude-stupid answer was "MALASLAH!". yeah, "MALASLAH!". What a 'great' show of commitment. The only day I had asked him to come down and meet the juniors but he gave such an answer. I was furios, mad and hating this certain 'senior', all at the same time. With this attitude, no wonder everyone hates you behind your back. Oh? Did I 'accidentally' spill it out. Oh. My bad. So sorry 'senior'.

To let you imagine how mad I was at the time, I came bursting inside his room, throw all his stuff from the table, started cursing him (FUCK YOU! was used more than fifty times.yeah.I counted) and questioned his commitment to the drama team, and give him a fist punch at his nose.Broke it too. But ofcourse, all of that, NEVER HAPPENED. Instead, I stormed down the stairs, kicked the door and said "FUCK YOU senior's name". Of course by the time I said that, I was already on my way to the tennis court for the weekly gathering.He never heard~

So people, commitment is important regardless in whatever thing you want to do. Killing that commitment, you might as well dont give it in the first place. This story might had happened to you but ofcourse with a different version (or similar). But anyway, Im urging you guys to stay committed to things that you had ventured yourself into. Work,Routine,Relationships, even Leisure. Coz once you kill your commitment, you might never know who's cursing you out loud and how many people actually hates you behind your back. Lesson learnt!

Till the next post. C yah!

song of the day : On My Own (Vincent Vincent and The Villians)

ps: YTL still x masuk lagi.Lembab!
pss: Dah lame tak balik rumah.hurm.
psss: ............

i think the title speaks clearly of my frustration. yes, somebody had betrayed my friendship. and i clearly hate this part right here.

friendship is an unspoken oath taken between two people or more when we decide to take that person into our life and make em a part of us. friendship is that magical bond that separates the familiars and the strangers. friendship would differentiate, if i may, in a football field, a simple thru pass that would let the forward to score a wonderful goal between an awkward pass that ends up to far up and thru the opposition line of the field.

that particular somebody was someone who i managed to build my trust on. shared every dark secrets. told every sacred stories. and gossip on hot girls in campus. he made a good impression as a FRIEND. ow yes he did. but unfortunately, an event, or may i say, an action he did on purpose gets to my conscience and i realize how fatal that action can be to this friendship that we had build upon.

the action, which he had done, was really unbareable, stupid, disgusting and most of all, had entirely wipe out all my trust and respect for him. and as if the action he had committed wasnt stupid enough, he denied any wrongdoings to me. he even made up a very very immature, stupid and unforgivable excuse! as if i didn't know what he did under my conscience. What makes him think that i'm as stupid as him to believe his crap??

Unbelieveble. Its f**ked up that he did that to me ON PURPOSE and UNDER HIS SICK-CONSCIENCE-F**KED-UP MIND, he even had the balls to make up a crap story to cover his blunder, ow wait, his ridiculous action. Oh my god! U sick pervert! i had never came across a sick guy like you who have the guts to do this sick thing to your own friend? I am in disgust with him. Now and forever.

Probably, he never understood the word friendship coz he's just plain stupid and thinks that whatever he do to any of his friends is in their best intention. yeah. keep up the F**KED-UP work you've been doing and do what you did to me to your other friends. Owh, and I really hope that your friend(s) would not know this F**KED-UP thing you did to me. coz i'm pretty sure if they get to know the real you and things you've done, they wont even have second thoughts to discard them from their life coz you dont cherish FRIENDSHIP and you cant have their TRUST. you dont deserve mine. and I know you wont give any care in the world, but thing is, you're just sick and your hypocritism would lead you nowhere.

at present, he's presence is just another nobody in my life and i'm treating him the way he is suppossed to be treated.

before i end up with more cursing word for this traitor, i think i better stop here. he deserves all the trashing, but you guys ( my readers) deserves none of this.

FRIEDNSHIP is based on TRUST.and from this moment onwards, we would have none. thank you soo much for making me realize that people like you was a mistake to be made a friend in the first place.


i am so begging those rocket scientist that has work their butts of for the modernization of technology and for using the application of science, to make me a godamn time machine!

please oh please oh please.

i want to make up for the time i thrown out the window. for the time that i shud have been studying rather than sleeping. for the time that i should indulge myself in books and not in front of facebook. for the time i had wondering around in shopping malls, instead of in a library memorizing crucial formulas and theories.

please oh please oh please.

i am in the brink of desperation and time is not on my side. help me god, for i beg of extra strength and a pinch of determination to help mr through this jungle of work-and-no-play.

time is life.never waste it.
Suddenly my brain has been activating like clock work and resting is just a mere illusion. I dont know why but I'm having a severe case of insomnia.

Insomnia, a case where you would not feel like sleeping during the hours that you should sleep rather you will feel sleepy at times you shouldn't. Probably my brain has program itself to be fully awake 24/7 to make me maximize all the neurons in my brain to good use. Yeah, like thats gonna work.

I still remember in school of how motivated I am to beat everyone in class. Of course, at that time I wasn't the very bright. Imagine, I was ranked third from all of the students in my batch during my first examination there. Embarassing! Luckily I managed to bounce back afterwards. (or did I? hurm..). Back then, staying up late was part of my routine in life, studying of course. The ranking system used back then in Science Iskandar was tormenting. Because it was published to everyone after each examinations. And getting low ranks or sad CGPA's should be highly unlikely unless you want people to think that your the dumbest kid in school. Gosh what a year!

But all for the better of the individuals. And looking back, it does work its magic with me. Thank you Science Iskandar~

I miss my highschool years. I miss Science Iskandar. I miss debating for Science Iskandar. I miss Miss Norasiah, oooopppS, Mrs. Norasiah. I miss playing basketball everyday after class. I miss waking up early in the morning with the sounds of ust.joha's voice. I miss my classmates, u guys rock! friends forever u guys! Most of all, I miss what I had there. The moment, the laughs, the cries, the silly fights, the cinta monyet (or monyetss?hehe)..

Hye! Tiba-tiba going down memory lane nih apehal ayed? angau? Hehe.Gosh, I cant help myself.

p/s : vaio warna merah lawa tak? herm..
Yesterday, ayah and angah came by for a visit. Well, they didn't exactly went to Uni.Malaya to fetch me or anything. Instead, my cousin with his new Orange Toyota Vios (can u believe it. Orange! Out of all the available, more deserving colours?) came all the way from shah alam to fetch me to his house.

There, I did nothing much but ate and talk with my brother. Ask about mama and adik at home. Gosh i miss them~ Mama's gonna be really happy that ayah is planning to buy a myvi for her. (and i get the kelisa? thanx ayah!) Ayah plan things a lot. He really doesn't like things that are not organized. Thank god he never been in my room here in Uni.Malaya. Hahaha. He plan's everything. And I mean everything. When to go out golfing, when to dine out with the family, when to visit me at Uni.Malaya, when to give angah a smack in the head, when to give me pocket money... and even at times, when us, his offsprings, should get married. woah. scary~ Well, it's not the idea of marriage that scares me, but knowing that our future are always uncertain, that is what scares me the most.

My age (I'm turning 21 this coming september), is the age where people start to worry of what I will become in the future. As for them, this is the turning point of a normal human being. Whether his or her future is bright or bleak is determined when he or she reaches 21 years old, the deciding age. True. This is where we are 'rippled'.

I like being in charge of my future. To have the power to control my needs, my wants, of what I want to become. And ayah never fails to restrict my ability to control my own future. Intervenes and conflicts of interest for my future is always a scuffle topic between us. Me being an engineer is always his idea in the first place.

Ayah always has the idea that I do not like my own race. That I'm discriminating my own blood. But he never says it seriously though. He said the reason I went to Uni.Malaya was because I was too proud to even sit in a class with my own race. He even said that if I can marry an Amoi, I would without having second thoughts. Haha. Takkanlah~

Yes I am afraid. Afraid of what the future may hold for me. Afraid of what life is preparing for me. Afraid of whether my family can accept the path that I chose. Afraid whether was this the one path I should go? Afraid that in the middle of the road I realized that this is not the future I wanted. Afraid that things might not be smooth. can be very unfair at times. The uncertainties. The what ifs. The why nots. The If onlys. But thats the beauty of it. We shape our own future. Lets just hope the sculpture that we are shaping is a beautiful art that is worth millions in the gallery auction..

Till then, keep sculpting!

ps : nak pi sunway lagoon today! Hahaha. Happy2.
pss : next week she's coming here. Cant wait~
Hurm..since I didn't post anything recently coz my idea tank is under construction, I've ran through some blogs, some I knew , some I have no idea of, and happily stumbled upon this tag. So, out of pure boredom I've decided to fill my unused-time to post this tag into my blog.

1. What’s your ambition?

Full time maintenance engineer (looks dat way coz i'm tied with my scholarship). Always wanted to be an actor thou (performing theatre is my passion..kinda). Pro-footballer in the EPL, playing for Manchester United (but I know thats not gonna happen. But its never wrong to dream kan? Martin Lurther King bley je "I have a dream")

2. Who is more important for you. friend or boy/girl friend?

Hurm.Gotta say that both are important and I can't say which is most important. I love all my friends and I Love my Yaya.Heehehe..

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?

Hurm.Pernah la once or twice. But I forgot why thou..But I still remember how I want to die.very silent.very simple.dying is suppose to be suffered alone lagipon kan?hehe..

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?

If I can rate my confidence, I'd give it a 6/10. But it's still a exceptional rate rite?

5. How many babies do you want?

Had this discussion before.And we're happy at 4. By we, I meant me and my Yaya . =}

6. Favourite perfume/fragrance?

Currently using Ubermen's Pozess.Love the scent. And she loves it too.So, gotta go with this one.

7. What’s your goal for this year?

Improve my sad CGPA.={. Earn more money (more like mintak more money from daddy dearest).Improve the way I present myself to strangers(thru socializing,socializing and more socializing). To get buffed, really really buffed by eating a lot and stay in shape. And of course, to give her the first anniversary she wud never forget.schweeet~

8. Do you believe in eternity love?

Yes.Matter of fact I live with the idea that when we fall in love, our love shud be eternal. No breaks.No other scandals or mistresses.Nothing watsoeva. Just us both and the rest of our life together.

9. What’s a perfect partner to you?-list 10

hurm.Well, there's no reason to list dat down I think. Because my partner has all the answer.She has perfected me.So go ask her.

10. What feeling do you love most?

Winning. Yup. Winning. I was brought up in a family with a father that sees perfection as a God,as a religion(well,literally, not thru definition thou). To get perfection you need to be a winner. So in everything that I pursue I would hope to win.

11. What is your bad habit?

I keep my evilness inside me.So that people cannot see that Im bad,REALLY really bad. It can only come out when im done holding it inside me. But, it seldomly happens coz I dun like to make a scene.Beware.Hehehe..

12. Is there anything you want to tell people that hates you? Is there?

IF there is any, and you ended up reading this post of mine, theres only one thing i wanna say : GET LOST LOSER!

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?

Of course!....Nah,..Dat didnt came out right. Yes, I would cherish each and everyone of my friends but if they mess with me, then I dont see the point of having any relations with that particular person at all.Kapish??

14. Describe yourself?

Who am I to say good stuff about myself. A book is only for the readers to read and critic.So, critic!

15. What do you crave the most currently?

Knowledge.Lots of it.In almost everything that is important for my current pursue of academic and curicular excellence.Help!

16. What’s currently on your mind?

Bila lar badan aku nak buff up nih!!!!

17. What would you really like to do, like right now?


18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?

Happily married to Yaya of course. A consultant engineer in cement production and cement quality assurance. All buffed up. Waiting for my first child kowt. Living near JB so I cud watch my parents and my in-laws on the weekends. Driving a black tuned-up 1.6L Proton Satria Neo with leather seats and turbo.Whoa!

19. What do you hate the most?

Lies. Uncertainty in making decisions. Fucked-up guys who keeps hitting on Yaya even after I say to back off (wait till I get really buffed up and I show you pricks what back off means the hard way!). Stupid jealousy that I keep having (arghh the pain!!). Seafoods. The open sea. Tu jerh kot yang really hate the most. Um.

P/S: Thank You for reading people...

This post would be my first unprofessional review of a football match.

After drama practice last night, Me and Syami went straight to see the 3rd round of the F.A. Cup between minnows Southampton and world champions (the reason I feel in love with football) Manchester United. We went to our favourite spot, Section 14's Jamal in PJ.

We waited for plus-minus 40 minutes for the match to actually begin coz in the papers the kick-off was 11.30pm. But the actual match would only start at midnite. So, there we sit chatting about the state of football in our nation, mesmerized to see how pack the home stadium was and wishing that we could have the same atmosphere here when Johor FC meet Selangor or something..

40 minutes gone, the match was finally starting. The line up was a bit absurd actually. Wellbeck, the youngster was put to pair with Berbatov in front. Giggs and Nani was monitoring both flanks. While Carrick and Anderson paired in the middle. At the back was Neville, Vidic, younster Evans and United's Jack-of-all-trades, O'shea. Much to the surprised of all of the Man U fans in Jamals, Southampton had what it seems like all of possession for the first 20 minutes. But they fail to guide the ball past through Van Der Sar.

There were some good thru balls played by United. Nani and Berbatov was very alive last night. Both showed good individual and team performances. Wellbeck did try to make an impact but his efforts are only good intentions of shots on goals, but never the goals itself.

The first goal came from a Nani's curving corner ball that O'shea headed on target but was pushed away by Davis before Wellbeck gave it a simple nudge over the line. Later on Nani scored the second goal for the night thru a penalty. I forgot who was fouled on the penalty box, but what the heck. A goal is a goal rite?

Patterson, Southampton striker was given the marching order when he intentionally gave a kung-fu low kick on Vidic's shins. Thank god they invented the shin pads. Gibson and Possebon was introduced after the break with Giggs and Carrick off. Gibson has errors written all over him. The right flank was not a good position for him after all. Hope Mr.Fergie could see this fact.
Possebon was more of a simple-passer. He didn't create a lot of chances for United to go upfornt. All he did was accept the ball, and then give it for his teammates to make the next move.Boring~.

Later, Rooney was introduced in the final 15 minutes thru Wellbeck. Berbatov and Rooney connects well on the field. A lot of Berbatov's thru balls find Rooney on the opposition's end only without the perfect finish. The last goal was an unchallenged finish. It was Berbatov's thru ball again which found Rooney sprinting thru the left 6 yards box, where he unselfishly pass the ball to a very open Gibson. Gibson then slashes the ball past Davis onto the back of the net. And tha goal raps up last night's match. Berbatov was undoubtedly the man of the match.

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Owh.Not forgetting, my brothers and sisters of Islam. Assalamualaikum wbt.

For those who do not have any idea who and what importance does the writer hold in the world, allow me to give a brief introduction.

Given the name Faisal Rasyid Bin Roslan, which in Islam gives the meaning 'The Wise Executioner', is a typical Malay-Muslim-Malaysian men that live by the constant consumption of Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik. Born as a proud Libra in Sultanah Aminah's Hospital, Johor Bahru, he crucially deems to be an actor@pro-footballer, but knows both would never be reality as he is obligated to fulfill his parents wishes for him to become an engineer.

He is passionate about acting, about reading good materials, about playing football, and of course about showing that special someone how much he loves her....(mamat nih jiwang karat betol larh..)

His future writings would be based more on a local basis. Everything would be pretty much Malaysian-related. Politics (the writer has a soft spot for Malaysian politics), Malaysian behaviors, Malaysian football, European football, football updates, (wah..kaki bola ke mamat nih?) Certain adolescent issues, certain grown up issues which the writer tries hard to understand, Friendship, Love, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, even Music Reviews ( I don't usually purchase an album, I just listen to the tracks I like), even some world issues. Everything would be based on what the writers feels and thinks. Nothing more.

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