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Assalamualaikum wbt & whaddup?!

Being an obedient and a loyal reader of The New Strait Times, I always find that their opinion columns to be the article that i look forward to read each post. Last sunday's opinion column didn't dissapoint.

Here is part of the article I wish to share to all my followers, taken from The NST dated 24th January 2010, page 28;

By Leslie Andres

Perhaps one of the greatest insults a person can say is: "He/she has a face only a mother can love!". Speaks volume doesnt it? Really brings out our visions of people who are so hideous that everyone but their own mothers would cringe at the sight.Insult though it may be, it does highlight one other thing - that a mother's love knows no bounds.

Stories abound about what mothers have done for their children - how they have toiled so that their children could live better lives. Indeed, how they do everything in their power to protect them.

In August 2007, a week after little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin went missing, her mother Norazian Bistaman cried out that she was willing to sacrifice everything to get her child back.

"A mother would surely have her heart crushed when her beloved child is not by her side. I cry the moment I think of what has happened," she was reported as saying.

Coming back to the present, one article in the New Straits Times on friday illustrated the extent of a mother's love clearly.

Saharah Atan lost her parents, her husband and one of her daughters in a single day. It is probable that they died within a short span of time, although when the suspect in the case was brought to court, the charge sheet read that the man had allegedly committed the murders between 7am and 11am on Jan 5.

To lose your parents, husband and daughter in one blow, so to speak, is terrible enough for anyone. But to find that the main suspect is your own son is quite another thing. Let's not go into whether or not Rasidi Ismail is guilty of the gruesome murders of his own family members. That is a matter for the courts to decide.

Let's instead focus on how a mother has to contend with the fact that her son has been accused of killing his sibling, father and grandparents. Yet here is a woman who says she will stand by her 32-year-old son and be there every day of his trial, even if it dragged on for years.

"I still love him, just as I have before. None of us can ever hate him as he had always been a loving son and brother. He was always willing to sacrifice anything to ensure our happiness."

Those were Saharah's words, that of a mother.

It's a little early, perhaps. But who says we have to wait till Mothers Day to appreciate these superwomen.

ps: Tears came rolling the first time I finished reading this.Haha!
pss: have you called your mom yet today?
Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yea!Percaye atau tidak saya juga boleh bertutur dan menaip Bahasa Malaysia dengan fasih! Noted!

Kerjaya sebagai seorang praktikal engineer (kerjaya ke tuh dol?) sememangnye bukan sesuatu yang anda inginkan di kala anda baru sahaja mahu mengexplore dan mengenali dunia. Disamping ia mengehadkan masa anda untuk diri anda sendiri, ia juga menambahkan pressure dan tension ke dalam hidup tanpa disedari.

Bangun pukol 5.30a.m, mandi, tunggu bas, naek bas, sambung tido dalam bas, kaco anak dara orang dalam bas, kena hambat dengan beg tangan, etc..etc..etc.., tido dalam surau, game..etc.. balik. yes, hidupku rutin. rutin=tiada variasi=bosan~

Namun kebosananku terobatlah sedikit tatkala kazenku memberi pinjam televisyen yang comel.(astro boleh tolong subsrcibe kan skali tak abang zali?). So each day i will come back around 6.30pm, watch TV, play my guitar (yet to give a name to her thou), and some other stuff dat i think is better to keep it to myself.ehem2.

Sedih aku kekadang time tengok TV sorang2 kat rumah nih. Bukan sedih sebab aku dok sorang, tapi sedih tengok kualiti pelakon2 drama Malaysia nih. *menanges sebentar*

iskh2. majoriti berlakon cam budak kecik baru nak blajar bertatih. jalan sket.terjatuh.semban.menages lebih~.adoiyaaa. sedih aku tengok. aku rase pelakon karnival teater UM lagi best kot berlakon dari diorang. *jangan kembang-kempis sangat budak UM*.

Berikut aku senaraikan lah drama2 yang aku jarang2 tontoni dikala mase free dan kelemahan memasing yang aku rasa masih boleh diperbaiki di masa hadapan;

1) Kapten KIT

citer nih aku bagi rating 5 star sampah! hambik ko! dahla hero tak hensem/macho. watak lak cam bodoh2 alang gitu. kalah mr.bean. dahla sidekick die basikal! Basikal! ko bayangkan lah.dalam banyak lagi kenderaan yang environmentally-friendly, dipilihnya basikal jual putu mayam tuh.adoiyaa.sapolah penerbit die? meh sini aku sekolahkan ko! banyak lagi hero kat Malaysia nih, ko pilih si mangkuk rambut mop lantai tuh, berlakon ntah pape. Pastuh banyak lagi kenderaan yang ko leh pilih ko taw tak, ade toyota Prius, SmartForTwo, dan sebangainya.awatlah pilih basikal putu mayam tuh.alahai~

2) Cinta Balqis

yea.aku cukup aware ramai peminat citer nih.jangan risau.aku tak berniat nk menyinggung sesape yek.maapla kalo aku 'tersinggung'.Niat aku murni~
nak komen pasal watak balqis sebenarnye. cukup tak logik. seorang bekas GRO yang dah melayan bermacam2 nafsu lelaki, tapi in the end cukup mudah tersinggung di hati dan mengalirkan air mata.aih~ kilang air mata betol die nih. aku bukan ape, aku cukup bonci kalo hampir tiap2 episod, die nih dok menangeh jerh. hassan cakap salah sket menangeh, senah hentam sket menangeh, adoiyaa~ entah2 menangeh nih memang pastime die kot? huhuhu.

3) 999 (TV3)

*sori.tade gambar*

yang nih aku rasa kalo ko tengok pon ko setuju 120% dengan aku punyerh. Pengacara baru die, yarabbii~ cam baru belajar cakap jerh. Hampeh tol larh! Benda keluar sebijik2! penerbit 999 dah takde pengacara laen ke ko nak pilih? awat la si pompuan baru blajar cakap melayu nih yang ko pilih gak oi.adoiyaa~pelik betol aku.diorg takde bwat audition ke pape ke?men pilih buta tuli camtuh jek?amenderlahr..adoiyaa~

Neway, nak taw tak nape zakiah anas is no longer host untuk 999 this year?

Inilah sebabnyerh, jeng3;

hopefully post aku kali nih informative. bukan niat nak menjatuhkan pelakon2 Malaysia.tapi inilah hakikatnya yang perlu diorang baiki.

ps : entah paperlarh post aku hampeh~
Assalamualaikum wbt,

apologies, dear readers! I have broken my virtual promise to update my blog twice a week. last update was way back in october 2009. but i got some pretty solid reasons thou.bare with me.

1st -2nd week of november 2009 : examinations.killer papers.

3rd week of november 2009 : cuti! but most time spent with family and someone special~

4th week of november 2009 : Industrial training started.reporting for duty!

whole december 2009 : adaptability to new working and living environment. kuantan's not that great by the way.

so that brings us to january 2010.happy new year.hehe.

I've been wanting to write earlier but seems like my time doing and understanding my new job is really2 eating all my neurons and left me with no energy after.exxagerating? not at all. try working in a cement plant and you'll understand

a lot of been happening lately. positive new; malaysian football has been revived by the gold medal in the SEA games. I, for one, am a jubilant malaysian when the final whistle was blown. the goal, although it was sort of a 'gift' from vietnam, was enough to seal malaysian football fate in the late 2009. But their streak did not end there. The same team, with the addition of Norhafiz Zamani Misbah, Amri Yahya and other senior players, beat Syria, which is pyhsically and in ranking better than Malaysia, beat them 4-1. Amazing ea? hehe. but they lost to UAE a goal to nil in the ASIAN CUP qualifiers. But hye, optimism is the way to go right?

Another good news is that Datuk Tony Fernandez, the owner of AirAsia, Lotus F1 Team, Tune Hotel branches, and other business, is reportedly has made a bid to buy West Ham United Football Club. In which that FAM will make this as a platform to send budding and exciting young Malaysian players to train and gain European football experience. Hopefully this would altogether change football in Malaysia. and I can spit in the faces of those who dis-pies Malaysian football in the first place. You know who you are dumb people.

Another rose in the air, I've received my pay for the month. and it is TOO much.hee~

But still, in every rose, torns would poke out.

Churches has been the subject of vandalism nowadays. Of course, these mindless actions are done by mindless people. Who denies to coexist and settle matters in a civilized way. I am not proud to call these offenders Malaysian, but sadly some of us are still narrow in thinking and cannot open to new ideas. Degil, kepala batu, bodoh sombong. Thats what were made of, yes. But at times, we should just keep it in the back of our pockets and think with reason.Yes the issue of using the name "Allah", the most gracious, the most merciful, in the Christianity in Malaysia has made a number of Muslims unhappy as they say the Malaysian Christians is challenging the exclusive right of Islam as the official religion. A lot has been said. But I will keep this one to myself and only response when I'm provoked. This is a democratic country by the way.

Togo football players has been hit by an attack in Angola when they were on their way back from training. Two players died in the incident. Adebayor however was not injured physically, but mentally he is trying to swallow the fact that his colleagues are dead. Its amazing how God decides who goes and who stays, the scariest is when we do not even feel that we are having sickness whatsoever.

Michael Jackson is murdered. He did not die of natural causes. Shocking, yes. Unexpected, No. Early speculations of Jackson's death was a case of negligence by his personal doctor. Hopefully things will be better for Jackson in the after life.

Well, things can't always be sugar, spice and everything nice. In the mean time, I will keep my blog updated starting from this week till the end (the last part was really really an exaggeration.thee~).

Owh, and not forgetting, congratz Aizat on winning Anugerah Juara Lagu 24. You deserve it bro!

ps : i'm bored to death here in kuantan. some company puhliz~
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