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Just a quick peek!

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Taken from The Wall Street Journal

Salam Ramadhan peeps!

The world was shocked yesterday when a very known innovator & the father of modern attractive technology (U MAD Microsoft?), Steve Jobs, decided to end his reign as Apple's CEO. The question now is : How should the public, APPLEFAGS in particular, should react? First let us ponder on his reasons of resignation shall we?

Steve Jobs : " I hereby resign as CEO of Apple."
*Que APPLEFAGS crying*. There comes a time where even Kings have to surrender their crown. And you gotta say, Jobs time have been calling. He was always on extended leave due to his health related problem. Even after his liver transplant after he was diagnose with pancreatic cancer somewhere in 2004, he never really looked like returning to his former youthful self. Can Steve Jobs continue? Well, of course he can fight his disease and be a ruthless manager that he has known to be. But Steve Jobs is also a normal human being that have limits when it comes to health & living a life. For me, when you have reoccurring health complications that disallows you from performing to the best of your ability, I think it's best that you focus on whats keeping you alive. #justsayin'.

You can read Steve Jobs full resignation letter (or email?) here. Taken from The Wall Street Journal.

Steve Jobs Resignation & Its affect on Apple Inc. future
Report surfaced that 5.4% of Apple Inc. shares drops when the news of Steve Jobs resignation was released in the internet. I'm not an economy or finance major, but when shares goes down, you'll know that it's a bad indication of things to come. But experts have said that this is only temporary, as if Apple contains to be successful as it is now, stocks will go back to normal. But will it? *Que louder APPLEFAGs crying!*

The appointment of Steve Jobs successor is one of the most important thing that Apple needs to do in order to maintain & progress in this ever-changing & challenging world tech-savvy-ruled world. And being the guy that succeed Steve Jobs would not be an easy task. For one, Steve Jobs is irreplaceable, incomparable and by far, the most respected businessman of our generation. 

The story of how Steve Jobs transformed a wrecked Apple Inc back in 1996 to the powerhouse that it is now, is just a famous rag-to.riches story that you tell your pubescent offspring in hopes that they emulate Steve Jobs in a way. LOL! 

So, when Tim Cook, former COO of Apple, was hand-picked by Steve Jobs to succeed him, Jobs decision was questionable. Of course, it was mainly due to the bias of Jobs to suggest his close friend to this vacant post. Hence, the public questions the ability of Tim Cook to emulate Steve Jobs & preserve Apple's superiority. Is he the right man? Well, only time can tell. 

My Reaction?
Apsal nak kecoh sangat APPLEFAGS? Steve Jobs is unhealthy. He's old. He's brilliant, very brilliant, but he's weak. He himself believed that he does not have the ability to thrive Apple forward anymore. So being the brilliant CEO he has been for the past 15 years, he resigned from his position knowing that he can no longer carry the weight of Apple's innovation on his shoulders. So let him leave in peace.

Apple jatuh bila Steve Jobs takde! Ko pikir pakai lutut ke? An established company like Apple Inc, which has consumers all over world, would not collapse as easily as that. Yes Steve Jobs was an innovator like no other. He revolutionized the modern technology, bashing Microsoft in the process, claiming that  “The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste — they have absolutely no taste.” taken here from The Washington Post : Apple, Pixar & inspiring innovations.However, his flair & management style has rubbed of his employees, a thing that might be the hidden factor in Apple's success as a whole. Apple will sustain as a company, because they have a 15 year platform to fall on to in case if anything goes wrong. Plus, Steve Jobs isn't entirely resigning and leaving Apple for good. He will be one of the chairman and oversee the company from a much higher but less influential post. So his voice will still be heard in every Apple's decision. Well, unless if he stays in the ward too much.

Tim Cook tak mampu nak pikul Apple! Eh? Ko sape nak cakap camtuh? Baru follow cerita Apple dua tiga hari lepas dah pandai nak buat claim bukan2! Tim Cook is the COO of Apple Inc. for a reason people. He may not be the public figure that Steve Jobs was, he may be invisible,but he has the ability to succeed Steve Jobs. The only concern is whether he can be the CEO that Steve Jobs was! I mean, Steve Jobs is a one-in-a-century guy. You don't see people like him often. So, the public has to lower its expectation on Tim Cook to be the guy that Steve Jobs was. You can kiss the Apple style presentation goodbye! Probably Apple would hire major advertisement company and make normal ads instead of a expensive presentation of every product that they produced.  Steve Jobs was charismatic, Tim Cook might be the next big thing. Give him time will ya!

Steve Jobs dah takde! Taknak la beli Apple product lagik! Oh, logiknya argument ko! Kalau camtuh takyah la beli barangan SONY gak sebab Akio Morita dah mampos! Tak payah la tumpang member ko naik skuter Suzuki die sebab Michio Suzuki dah mampos! Inspirational founders or chairmans will have to step down (and DIE for that matter!).However the company must move forward with the fundamentals that have been set by the founders/CEO. So its not a problem for the users to continue using Apple's product. 

Steve Jobs has done an exceptionally great things for Apple. And his presence will be missed. But as I said, Apple is not Steve Job, and Steve Job is not Apple. Apple will survive regardless.

To Steve Jobs, hats off to you sir. How you did it back in 1996, will be an inspiration for a younger generation to emulate. Thank you for bringing such a flawless technology into our lives. 

Salam Ramadhan peeps!

Before I move on with this entry of another five things we learn from the weekend, do you smell that? 


Well, the smell is very strong here.

Wanna know what smells?



Without any further introduction on this week Monday's fixture, it ended MANCHESTER UNITED 3 v 0 TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS! Glory glory Man United! Yeah!

Spurs bashing aside, Monday's match was an eye-opener to a number of crucial points that both team should ponder on. So, as always, five things that we learned from the winner in the Theatre of Dreams;

1. A young squad, A sound squad.

Well to be frank, I think Fergie has a thing or two for young boys. (Fergie's a pedophile?) NO, you idiot! Not THAT kind of affection! On Monday Fergie lined up a very young team (minus Evra!). With Ferdinand being himself, fragile as ever, and Captain Vida out for about 3 weeks, Chris Johny Evans & Phil Jones paired up in the center with Smalling performing as right back where he has excelled for the past two games. Even with such a young squad, they've managed to brush aside a Spurs team with the likes of Gareth Bale, Rafael Van Der Vaart & Jermain Defoe. A young squad, a sound squad? It sure looks like it now.

2. Crouch IN, Defoe OUT.

Redknapp didn't play his chess well for the game that day. Defoe never really look a threat because the ball never came to him, Van Der Vaart & Bale were shutdown a lot, with the latter being marked by Smalling tightly. So the solution? Throw your tallest striker in there, and ask your fullback to support in attack by whipping crosses inside the United box every time you have the ball. The logic is simple. United were very vulnerable in their back line. They have two center halves who has just started playing with each other, and both lack in height when compared to the towering Crouch. Have VDV make late runs into the box during those crosses and you have the recipe to unsettle the United defence. Not that hard now right Redknapp?

3. The Spurs Old Trafford Curse!

Spurs just can't win at Old Trafford with Harry Redknapp in charge.  It has been 8 years since the last time Spurs taste the sweet liquor called Viva Victory at Old Trafford and it's pretty sure to stay that way for a very long time.

4. De Gea still a vulnerable asset.

Coming into this game with his first two criticized with his lack of presence in his own box, David De Gea was pretty much the main talking point. Although we can clearly see the change in his game, as he was more relaxed & assertive between his post, there were times that it seems we question his 16 million pound valuation. Still not the best game from the young Spaniard, and he's clean sheet was thanks to Spurs poor finishing.

5. Rafael VDV only knows how to blast the ball from deep.

He was pretty stupid for an experienced player. We all know that De Gea was vulnerable, and the pressure was on him not to concede an easy goal three games in a row, but to underestimate him by having shots from deep is just stupid! He's a Manchester United player my friend, and to think that you can beat him by blasting from 30-yards out is disrespectful. And to do it every time you have the ball is just wasted opportunity.

Its late. I know.I was busy.Unlike you, I have a life. Hehe.

Salam Ramadhan peeps, 

For viewing pleasure & cussing reasons, the majority of this post will be in my mother tongue (coz I bash people better in Malay).

Kepada yang masih tak mengetahui isu hangat semalam, Utusan Melayu Malaysia telah mengeluarkan satu kenyataan a la Wikipedia Leaks yang membuka pekung di dada Dr.Ghauth Jasmoan dengan menyatakan bahawa konon-kononnya Universiti Malaya sedang mengalami 'krisis' hebat. Kisahnya, Dr.Ghauth memperjudikan kareer & masa depan anak bangsa demi untuk menaikkan nama UM dalam ranking Universiti terbaik dunia. 

Aku tergelak kejap.

Kepada yang terlepas berita semalam sebab sibuk beribadah, menimba ilmu pengetahuan, sibuk mencarik rezeki, terbenam dalam hiburan dunia ataupun curik-curik makan dekat pantry ofis hendaknya, ini link untuk berita semalam. Aku syorkan ko khatam dulu artikel nih before ko baca entry nih selanjutnya. 

Alkisahnya, Persatuan Kakitangan Akademik UM (PKAUM) mendedahkan bahawa secara totalnya 146 orang staf akademik telah meletakkan jawatan sejak dari tahun 2009 atas sebab tak puas hati dengan kepimpinan & mutu pentadbiran Dr.Ghauth. PKAUM, dengan diterajui Dr.Azmi Sharom, juga menyatakan perasaan bimbangnya dengan 'kerasukan' Dr.Ghauth mengejar ranking Universiti dunia terbaik dengan hanya mementingkan jurnal terbitan Bahasa Inggeris sambil mengabaikan Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan yang mementingkan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai landasan pembinaan negara bangsa. 

Aku garuk kepala aku yang tak berapa gatal nih sebab aku rajin shampoo gune Head&Shoulders.

Isu Universiti mengejar ranking terbaik dunia nih dah banyak kali kita dengar. Kalau tak UM, banyak jer artikel-artikel media massa yang sebelum nih fokus pasal USM sebagai Universiti Apex Negara untuk prove it's worth dalam ranking dunia. Universiti Awam lain seperti UTM, UPM or even UiTM tak terlepas dari cengkaman mediocre media dalam menghentam Universiti Awam atas ketandusan pentadbiran masing-masing when it comes to moving up the ranks.

Tapi apa yang uniknya artikel keluaran Utusan semalam ialah hentaman yang dikeluarkan Utusan bukan diasaskan oleh wartawan haprak mereka sendiri, tapi sebaliknya oleh kakitangan backstabbers yang memperjuangkan visi & misi yang sama dipegang oleh Dr.Ghauth Jasmoan. 

Hak Bumiputera harus dijaga!...begitu jugak dengan poket aku!

Aku terkesian sekejap dekat VC aku sorang nh. Kesian kat depa, dok sibuk buat perubahan nak baik-pulih UM kat mata dunia, anak-anak depa sendirik yang conteng arang. Bukan setakat conteng arang, nih siap pancitkan tayar, calarkan keta, tabur cat merah kat rumah! Dashyat sungguh metafora yang aku gunakan nih.

Dan artikel keluaran hari nih lansung tak membantu Dr.Ghauth. Menghentam lagi adalah. Majlis Perundangan Melayu Malaysia gelabah. Al-maklumlah, diorang buta-buta percaya yang staf bumiputera dekat UM bulat-bulat digantikan dengan staf warga asing. Ahli Dewan Negara, Datuk Abd.Rahman Bakar lagilah gelabah ayam! Depa suruh kerajaan terminate Dr.Ghauth daripada jawatan beliau. Amboi, sodap mulot kau jek Ahli Dewan Negara sorang nih. Ingat nak ganti VC nih macam nak ganti manager bola ke? And plus, you don't even know the whole truth yet, ko dah berani buat statement camnih? Konon-konon nak nampak critical lah? Nak orang tahu yang ko nih a good decision-maker lar? Oh please!

Aku kekadang pelik dengan tindakan sesetengah pihak bile isu-isu yang berkaitan camnih resurfaces from time to time. Kau expect change, tapi bila the actual change takes place, ko kecut! Kau takut dengan perubahan yang dibawak menjejaskan interest kau so kau accused that the change was unnecessary in the first place. 

Bila kau deal dengan benda yang perlukan perubahan yang besar untuk berjaya, dalam kes nih menaikkan ranking UM di mata dunia, at first kau kena tahu the side effects yang akan berlaku. Some of the changes aku conclude as below;

1. Change in staff & academic personal.
Ini obvious. Dalam meeting beliau dengan undergraduates sem lepas, beliau dah nyatakan a major point untuk menaikkan ranking UM is the number of international academic staff. Pemahaman atas point nih mudah. Bila kau ade academic staff daripada negara lain, kau akan lebih terdedah dengan cara pembelajaran yang berbeza & semestinya penguasaan inter-relation skills ko bila ko nak communicate dengan academic staff yang tak paham Bahasa Malaysia. So a win, win stuation la kan?

2. The extensive usage of the English language.
Extensive maksudnya English tidak hanya digunakan dalam bilik tutor & dewan kuliah sahaja, tapi pengunnanya diperluaskan dalam kehidupan seharian mahasiswa. Bagi memenuhi kehendak ranking points, kau perlu menyebatikan penggunaan English dalam urusan rasmi universiti. Aku tak nampak masalahnya. So a win, win situation jugak la kan?

However, PKAUM seolah-olah melihat side effects nih sebagai 'failure' dari segi pentadbiran Dr. Ghauth Jasmoan. The way I see it, PKAUM takut. Yup. Takut yang jaminan pekerjaan diorang ibarat telur di hujung tanduk. So, bagi mengelakkan the inevtiable, diorang pun buatlah press conference dengan media belaan kerajaan Utusan, dengan mengeluarkan statement bagi menghentam Dr.Ghauth agar pekerjaan diorang tak terjejas akibat arus perubahan yang dibawa Dr.Ghauth.

Tapi sekadar nak menjatuhkan Dr.Ghauth dengan accusation yang ranking UM tak naik-naik sejak era Rafiah Salim sahaja tak mencukupi. So apa diorang buat? Diorang main isu paling sensitif dalam Malaysia, isu Bumiputera. Oh sungguh cruel PKAUM nih. Sanggup mempolitikkan akademik demi menjaga akaun bank masing-masing. 

So, sebab tu lah keluarnya statement yang Dr.Ghauth nih tak pedulikan anak Melayu sendirik. Sanggup lepaskan anak Melayu terkapai-kapai, sibuk mengejar anak Mat Saleh & anak Sheikhs bermata hijau. Pastuh keluar jugak statement yang Dr.Ghauth tak sayang Bahasa sendirik, sibuk menggesa siswa-siswi makan cereal & susu untuk sarapan supaya boleh menguasai English. Ahli politik macam biasalah, pantang nampak statement anti-Bumiputera nih. Habeslah dihentamnya Dr.Ghauth tanpa belas ihsan.

Aku kecewa dengan anak Melayu sendirik. 

Kau sibuk nak mengejar kejayaan, tapi bila kau perlu bersaing dengan orang yang makan fish & chips untuk dinner ko gelabah. Dahtu ko salahkan pulak orang yang ENGKAU suruh buat perubahan! Kau sibuk nak mengejar kejayaan, tapi bila kau perlu menggunakan bahasa dunia ko gelabah. Dahtu ko tuduh pulak bahasa dunia BAHASA PEROSAK NEGARA BANGSA! Ko nak berubah cara ko? Ko nak berubah cara selesa? Ko nak berubah pakai kain pelekat sambil lepak-lepak dekat kedai kopi?  Sorry lah! Alamatnya memang tak kemana lah kau! 

Bagi aku, certain things kena berlaku & certain consequences kena dihadapi bagi mencapai kejayaan. Dr.Ghauth Jasmoan dipanggil mengetuai revolusi UM to do just that. It was tragic, the way that Rafiah Salim was stripped from her post in order to give way for the imminent arrival of Dr.Ghauth, tapi aku percaya yang kerajaan tahu yang he can do what is expected of him. So why then, do you say that he's not doing his job?

Dr.Ghauth mengeluarkan kenyatann bagi membidas kenyataan Azmi Sharom semalam. You can read it here.

Dari statement yang dia keluarkan, Dr.Ghauth nih positif orangnya. Aku rasa Azmi Sharom, siswa-siswi, even orang awam yang nak tahu perkara sebenar perlu membaca statement Dr.Ghauth untuk mengetahui kewajaran tindakan Dr.Ghauth sebelum nih. I'm sure that all is justified. 

For the politicians, tolonglah buat judgement yang lebih ideal dengan status korang selaku 'wakil' rasmi rakyat. Jangan dok sibuk nak suruh someone under pressure letak jawatan just like that when you don't know the story from the other side. Tolonglah hentikan aktiviti mempolitiikan akademik korang. Kita siswa-siswi tak heran pon dengan propaganda korang. Cukuplah dengan kem BTN korang tuh.

Im just stating my love for my varsiti. Berilmu Berbudaya people!

Salam Ramadhan peeps, 

Upon writing this post, I know its been 2 days since the opening game of both Manchester United & Manchester City (on which will be known as CITEH from this point on because I'm too disgusted to write the full name). And both games have been meaningful more or less. But being very unbiased, I've got to say that Citeh prove to give a more prominent and dominating show of football last Monday as compared to Manchester United. But of course, you are expected of that when you play a team that have only made their English Premier League debut. 

Here are the five main things that we can learn from both the match of Manchester United v West Bromich Albion and Citeh v Swansea City.

1. David De Gea : the next Fabian Barthez?
David De Gea ( pronounced DE-HEA, not DE-JEA, you ignorant-to-spanish-culture bastards!), might be a promising goalkeeper when he donned the colours of the Red & White stripes of Atletico Madrid, but making his move to Manchester, he seems to have been struggling in the Red of the Devils. But of course, from only two games that he has started, its too quick to jump to a conclusion. But history has pointed this time and time again. Remember Fabian Barthez? Well, he too was poised as a successive replacement to the Great Dane Shmeichel, but what a flop he was. Even with the experience of winning the World Cup with France in 1998, he crack under pressure when it comes to comparing him with Shmeichel. So one can only ponder on the thought, is David De Gea the next Fabian Barthez?

2. Rio Ferdinand is an asset with a very close expiration date.
He showed us once again that his body could not take a full game like he used to anymore. He is a magnificent player in his prime, but at 32 years old, with United challenging in all major competitions, it might be too much to asked from him. But of course having young players like Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, & Johny Evans helps in depth, his experience will be missed when it comes to games that matters The solution? Have United's physios patch him up to good use or let the young players suck his experience before its too late.

3. Ashley Young also knows how to make his debut. 
Got two assists ( Rooney's goal & Reid's own goal), made a lot of darting runs towards the touchline, whipped in a lot of crosses inside the penalty area, made Steven Reid cry at the end of the game, and plus he looks more menacing in red. 

4. Citeh is talking the talk, walking the walk.
Apart from being 'violent' in its football revolution, Mancini has also been very patient in developing a genuine team that can challenge the spot for football supremacy. Backed by the riches of the over-spending sheikhs, Citeh has proven to have what it takes when it comes to winning the game that they're suppose to win to exert pressure to United title defence. 'Rioting' to a 4-0 win in the expense of Premier League newbies Swansea, more of the same will be expected throughout the campaign. With Liverpool & Chelsea both experiencing a revolution of their own, this could be a very very mouthwatering season indeed. 

5. A reason to start being really afraid : Sergio 'Kun' Aguero

With only 31 minutes under his belt in the English Premier League, he has already made such an impact that made Sir Alex Ferguson's head turn so fast, his neck snapped and die! What a metaphor! Regardless of his opponent, he was way beyond the other 21 pair of legs in the field that night. Move over Carlos Tevez, we have a new Argentine to hate & abuse! 

Didn't have the chance to watch the first Clasico this season. To my horror, Astro didn't aired the match. Plus my internet connection that night was bollocks! Arghhh!!!

Salam Ramadhan peeps,

First of all, allow me to highlight that THIS IS MY #50 POST! What a landmark this blog has been! Kan?...kan?....kan??????

Anyhow, free flowing adrenaline will once again fill my weekends as the Barclays Premier League is already on the way! Yeah! 

The match on my watch tonight was Liverpool v Sunderland played on the Kop's backyard. For those of you who didn't see the match, well you didn't miss much. I was eager in seeing the new players both King Kenny & Steve Bruce has brought to the club respectively, and it was disappointing. 

On paper, both club gave debuts for some of their new players, with Jordan Henderson, Jose Enrique, Charlie Adam & Stewart Downing making their debuts for Liverpool as well as Wes Brown,Seb Larsson & Ji-Dong Woon making their debuts for Sunderland. 

The result was a competitive 1-1 draw with Liverpool giving their lead away earlier from a Luis Suarez header to a spectacular half-volley goal from Sebastian Larsson. 

All in all, we can summarize five main things from the match tonight;

1. Luiz Suarez takes penalty lessons from David Beckham
It was a simple penalty to take. It was early in the game. No such pressure, only Mignolet doing some fancy dancing to distract Suarez. But, WHAM!, hit it over the crossbar, straight to the jeering Kop behind the goal. And David Beckham was smiling in his living room tonight.

2. Andy Caroll has yet to justify his 35 million pound price tag.
Said it right. Even with Suarez, Adam & Downing to support, the only thing that he did today was sitting in Wes Brown's pocket. Guess the hatred still fills in Wes even after he departed Man United ea? Hehe. 

3. Phil Dowd loves his yellow cards more than his red cards
8 yellow cards. Should have given Kieran Richardson a straight red for obstructing a direct chance at goal for Suarez. Dissapointing referring today it seems.

4. Charlie Adam delivers great quality balls from set pieces.
SAF was quoted saying that Adam's delivery from set pieces are 10 million pounds each. And he did just that today. Great vision to pinpoint Andy Caroll at any time he has the ball. 

5. Seb Larsson knows how make a debut.
Not your natural goal scorer. But when he scores, he sure hell makes you talk about it.

Can't wait for tomorrows game : West Bromich Albion v Manchester United (10 p.m.). Terawih Lapan lagi la nampaknya esok.Haha.

Salam Ramadhan peeps,

Seems like there's so many things in the world happening in parallel, that in the moment of it all, we somehow miss that little story that shows the triumph of the human spirit in a month full of challenges & rewards.

Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan has an enrollment of a majority of Muslim students every year. And like any other American high school, they are a passionate bunch when it comes to American football. You know, the one that they say is the "real" football as oppose to the football that we know all around the world, although I despise their definition of "real" in this case. Haha. 

Even so, they have the most efficient system when it comes to their main sport of football, basketball and baseball. Try finding that in a Malaysian schools, and you'll only be left disappointed.    

The inspiring story however comes from the spirit of the team to achieve full fitness and preparation for the coming season by practicing full hours in the night from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. It just shows us that we should never accused Ramadhan, saying it's limiting our movement. Instead, Ramadhan should be the caused of a hike in will power to achieve what we want. After all, Ramadhan multiplies our rewards for each deeds that is done. So why not got that extra mile? 

In the words of Rashid Ghazi, There is nothing more American than high school football. It just so happens, he said, that this all-American story is set in an area with hijabs, mosques and baklava rather than baseball caps, churches and apple pie. 

Btw, Happy Ramadhan my peeps.

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