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Salam peeps! 

As some of you may have already know (since majority of the bloggers that follows this blog are dear friends of mine), this is my final full semester! Yeay! Lets do the hooligan dance! Hit it Capello! 

But celebrations aside, I still have a short semester to finish before I can be acknowledge as a legal and eligible Engineer. Haha. So much for the hooligan dance. My friends will venture into the working world a bit earlier than me I suppose. Not that I'm complaining cause it was my fault and my fault alone that led me to have to take the short semester. Sigh. 

The guys are planning a trip to Pulau Perhentian after the final examination come 25th of May, which I would not be participating. Its not that I don't want to, it's just that I'm starting a part time job around the 21st of May. Haha. Really wish I could go with you guys. Have fun yeah? Post em pictures for me! ;). Sob3.

On a happy note, YTL sent me this email;


Says there I have to report for work on the 1st of June 2011. 1ST OF JUNE 2011! My last examination is on the 11th of May 2011! And you expect me to came crawling for work only after 2 weeks of my studies? But then I remembered that I have short semester to finish. So they'll be calling me the earliest after July 2011. Fffuuuuhhhh! RELIEVED! 

Speaking of work, a friend of mine secured a job before graduating and thats a helluva accomplishment! I mean, the job market nowadays is tight. Its a tough jungle out there and you have a group of other fresh graduates that you need to fight against in order to land a job of your specific choices. But when you can land a job before even graduation, in these times, speaks volume doesn't it? It shows that you're different and unique from the rest of those graduates that is still seeking for employment. So hats off to my dear friend, Muhammad Izzat Roslee. You have been an amazing friend throughout the years and may your future be as unique as only you know how to shape it! Good luck on becoming an engineer buddy! 

Life as a final year student is effin' busy. I have assignment & presentation due this Monday and a thesis report due 22nd April which I am yet to reach a 50% progress! The hell is wrong with me? I used to be so passionate about studying and completing my work on time! Now I'm so lazy I can't even pick myself up in the morning. God I wished I had a motivation! 

Right now I'm trying to enjoy these few little times that I have left with my coursemates & friends before the havoc of work drains me of my happiness. Hoping that somehow along the road, the memories that we have here is always remembered and never be forgotten. =)

ps : will we ever see each other again when we walk through that gate and head on to wherever the world takes us? will you ever remember my name when you see me out in the streets hoping to have a chat? haa.the things I wonder.

Salam Peeps. 

3rd March 2011 marked my foray into Nasyid for the first time in my life. And most definitely the last. =( . sigh.

Believe it or not, I joined my college's Nasyid team for this year's Festival Seni in UM. Though, it was more or less a favor by someone at first. But that favor grew into something that is worthwhile. =)

Singing is one of my favorable personal traits besides acting and writing. Mom seems to acknowledge it. Dad has other ideas. But nonetheless, being in a Nasyid team is an eyeopener. For one, I've never sung in groups, let alone harmonically. So, for the first time in my life, singing was HARD! In a team, you have to learn to listen and synchronize with each other. You can't be on your own wavelength. Rather you have to blend with others. Something I have trouble with eversince. 

However, the experience and the things that I've learned are PRICELESS. Sadly, we didn't get any placing. But we sure give em' a helluva performance. =)

Till then Sidqi Murabbi.

ps : for memories sake. =)

Tiga Dara Pingitan. =)

Azim si Penyenyap

Dayat abang bass yang macho! Haha!

Busy before performance..

Sidqi Murabbi 2011!


Tiga Dara nih lagik. =)
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