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post #46 : From DTC, with love.

Salam Peeps. 

3rd March 2011 marked my foray into Nasyid for the first time in my life. And most definitely the last. =( . sigh.

Believe it or not, I joined my college's Nasyid team for this year's Festival Seni in UM. Though, it was more or less a favor by someone at first. But that favor grew into something that is worthwhile. =)

Singing is one of my favorable personal traits besides acting and writing. Mom seems to acknowledge it. Dad has other ideas. But nonetheless, being in a Nasyid team is an eyeopener. For one, I've never sung in groups, let alone harmonically. So, for the first time in my life, singing was HARD! In a team, you have to learn to listen and synchronize with each other. You can't be on your own wavelength. Rather you have to blend with others. Something I have trouble with eversince. 

However, the experience and the things that I've learned are PRICELESS. Sadly, we didn't get any placing. But we sure give em' a helluva performance. =)

Till then Sidqi Murabbi.

ps : for memories sake. =)

Tiga Dara Pingitan. =)

Azim si Penyenyap

Dayat abang bass yang macho! Haha!

Busy before performance..

Sidqi Murabbi 2011!


Tiga Dara nih lagik. =)


Muhammad Tarmizi bin Kamaruddin said...


ayeDo Roslan said...

terperanjat? haha.

Farhan Sawibi said...

nice bro...multi talented huhu

juMa said...

hahah..akhirnya jumpa blog ayed...huahua..banyknyer gmbor 3 dara tuh erk..singgah lar blog sy gak okeyh.

juma said...

rindu kat kumpulan kiter.........huaaaa..ap pon enjoyed.. ;)

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