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Really KOSMO Online? Dah takde tajuk lain yang takde double meaning ke? Haha.

Ps : Updates coming in the future!

Quote of the Day:
I do not need to pee right now. I am the master of my own bladder!

Tajuk tuh da memadai. Tak betul gitu? Haaaaaaammmmmmppppppaaaaaaaa. 

Okey, just to be clear, I am no professional artist nor a musician. But i sure know damn well about  stage presence, stage energy and good music. And tonight, there was just a couple of average performance, average music and Faizal Tahir. This is my full review of The Anugerah Juara Lagu 25. (N O T E : I maybe a bit biased but who isn't right?)

Opening Act :
Wholesomely well done. It was nostalgic. Listening to those evergreen songs sang by Francisca Peters, Nash, and M.Nasir although one might not know exactly the lyrics but the feeling that you get when you listen to those old songs just gets you in the mood to sing along. (Lepas nih kena hafal lirik Tanya Sama Itu Hud-Hud & Ghazal Untuk Rabiah supaya tak tersasul time orang lain ajak nyanyi sama-sama! Dem!). 

Yunalis Zarai a.k.a Akak Libresse - C I N T A    S E M P U R N A
Two Words. Too Simple. This has always been the case for Akak Libresse here. Last year she turned 'Dan Sebenarnya' into a cute song by adding that cute piano in the intro. But this time around, I thought she tried to be too serious in her performance for 'Cinta Sempurna' (hence the brightly lit red dress!) and that just doesn't do it for her. The background didn't help either and also the big tree on the center stage. I didn't get what that was about. But her vocals was pitch perfect though. really felt the song. But didn't really moved the jury to vote for her thou. Good try Akak Libresse. Love your work as always. =)

Tomok a.k.a Abang Rambut Anime Jepun - B E R L A R I
One big suprise. He danced! Like really really danced! Big shocker for me though coz I didn't see that coming at all. Haha. Probably was wrong to underestimate his stage presence ability. But those hard moves paid it's toll on his vocals. Coz at times he was struggling on the high notes of the song. Didn't win anything by chance but a good try nonetheless. Respect Tomok! 

A.P.I. a.k.a Gabungan Indie Malaya - P E L I T A
Sumpah suara Noh sedap giler! Lan, as usual, good as ever. But the big improvement, Noh's vocals. Has he been taking vocal lessons from dearest fiancée? But the theme were so last week. The all-black-red-armband thingy was soo My Chemical Romance. Arrangement was greatly enhanced throughout the song but never really threaten to challenge for top spot thou. Nice try Loque and the gang. 

Shahir a.k.a Gigi Besi - K E B A H A G I A N    D A L A M    P E R P I S A H A N
Starting lagu ade monolog-monolog plak bagai. It just ruins the song from the start. A rookie mistake maybe Tak belajar ke dari lagu Adam & Hawa Misha Omar dulu? Inviting Scha Al-Yahya as a guest performer was a pretty big mistake i think. Not that Scha was terrible, she's a great actress (cute as well, *wink*) but the dialog in between the songs just doesn't goes well. Its like you're singing in the shower and some else decides to join in the fun but in a totally different pitch. Sumbang terus lagu. Better luck next time okey gigi besi. ps : Scha, len kali tampar kuat sikit biar berderai gigi die ea? Sayang Scha! hehe. )

M.U.H feat Black - D R A M A    K I N G
First of all, where the hell did they find their clothes from? Some medieval wardrobe back in England? Kejadah la pakai baju cam ko dari zaman Robin Hood tuh bagai? It doesn't go with the song la. Haih2. Fashion sense orang mane la ko amek nih. But as usual, Black vocals tabik spring! 

Hafiz a.k.a Abang Meggi Buncit - N O K T A H    C I N T A
Ingatkan time gimik die kena tembak tuh ade penonton bosan die nyanyi terus tembak die! Haha. Bad joke. I know. Not much variety la persembahan mamat nih. I mean last year he did the same minus the gimmick. Came on stage performed alone. Then habis. Only this time adelah gimik sket, but his performance wasn't good enough to challenge for any placing. Quite suprised that he won Best Vocal though. Sumpah Pelik!

Ana Raffali a.k.a Akak Hujan Bunga - T O L O N G    I N G A T K A N    A K U
Tolong ingatkan aku lagi sekali camne minah nie boleh menang? Haha. Joke2. Aku tahu ramai yang tak puas hati camne Ana Raffali boleh menang. Facebook wall aku yarabbi berlambak menyuarakan tak puas hati kat juri. Ada plak yang sempat kutuk Ana. Kesian ko Ana. Tak pepasal kena kutuk plak. But credit to her for a colourful perfomance. I thought she just was gonna do the usual stand-alone-acoustic-guitar routine. Sekali hambek ko! Die bagi show tahap Muzikal Teater! Maintaining the voice as well as the acting on stage is not an easy thing. But she did it with ease. So kudos to Ana on winning AJL 25! You deserved it! =)

Faizal Tahir a.k.a Abang Kandungku - S E L A M A T    M A L A M
Noorkhiriah, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Uncle Aziz Satar. Dah macam drama pentas plak aku tengok tadi. Maybe FT nak tonjolkan yang die nih friendly dengan semua artis-artis kat Malaya nih hence the simple performance tadi. Sure it was sweet, but being a die hard FT fan, was expecting something of a bang! Maybe he was saving the BANG for Hanyut. But nonetheless, vocal wise, only FT can do it!

Adira a.k.a Akak BM pelat - K U   A D A   K A M U
She's vocally gifted, I give you that. Suara die sahaja mampu buat aku tak tido malam sebab dok terngiang-ngiang suara die sampaila terlelap tido. But her performance was only average. Takde kelainan sangat. Naik-turun buai, orang da pernah buat la dulu kak. But agak kecewa la, her performance didn't justify her voice. Sayangnye. hurm...

Bunkface - E X T R A V A G A N Z A
Soo Greenday-like. The opening, Sam angkat gitar sambil rev sangat2 Billie Joel Armstrong. But gotta give credit to Sam thou. His vocals was pitch perfect tonight. Aku ingatkan die nih dulu men bantai je nyanyi lagu-lagu die. But he showed vast improvement throughout the years. Cuma performance agak average la. Harapkan rev gitar and drum beats yang memecah kalbu la. Did feel like threatening for top spot! 

Black a.k.a Orang Pantai Dalam - S O F E A    J A N E
Mesmerizing. But bullshit die tak menang Best Vocal. Cukup baik dah aku rasa die kontrol die punya vocals. Siap ade satu part tarik baek punyer. How he didn't win the award was out of my mind. M.Nasir ngantok dah kot time nih so last die dengar suara Hafiz je, tu sebab die menang. Haha. 

Faizal Tahir a.k.a Abang Kandungku - H A N Y U T
Best Performance Ever from FT! Aku ingatkan die stay je nyanyi dalam sangkar sampai habis lagu, pastuh WHAAAMM!!! masuk dalam swimming pool! Bro, gua angkat tangan and kaki gua tabik spring sama luh. Tahun depan buat gimmick meletup atas pentas plak pastuh cantum balik cam dalam citer Terminator tuh ea! Patotla ramai orang respek ko bro!

Stacy a.k.a Si Comel Dari Sabah - J A H A T
Comel! Energetic! and showed Tomok how to dance properly. Sorry Tomok, bukan nak ngutuk, but she does dance better that you. Hee~ 

Hujan a.k.a The Reason of Indie's Music Revival - M E N C A R I    K O N K L U S I
Arrangement yang nice! Plus a very nice song to end the night with! Noh seems to be quite tamed throughout the night walaupun naik pentas dua kali. Maybe sebab Mizz Nina suruh die jangang naughty-naughty atas pentas kot? =P. Too bad didn't win anything. Really thought they should have won something.

My Verdict of AJL 25:

Best Performance - HANYUT ( Most suprising gimmick!)
Best Vocal - BLACK( for 'Sofea Jane')
Third Place - TOLONG INGATKAN AKU (Ana Raffali)
Second Place - CINTA SEMPURNA (Yunalis Zarai)
First Place - HANYUT (Faizal Tahir)

Oh...and another award before I forget...


Hahahaha. You minimalist bastards, pantang nampak checkered floor ke, wall ke, terus cakap benda tuh freemasonry. Open your mind sikit! 

p s : AJL 25 didn't went as expected. But hey, you can never expect something to be perfect. Everything ade flaws. Terima jerh keputusan juri. Korang buang masa jerh ngumpat-ngumpat juri nih, tambah berdosa lagi ade la. =)

Quote from AJL 25 :
Ally Iskandar : " Pencipta lagunya  Noh Hujan"

Faizal Ismail : "Penulis liriknya tunang Miss Nina"


Probably by now, most of you have already heard or seen the video about Karam Singh Walia's outburst in public. If you haven't seen it, please view the following video. You have been warned.

Courtesy of Kosmo Online.

From this incident, Karam Singh Walia has met the media as recent as yesterday to explain the real situation. He said that, he made remarks to the motorcyclist that parked their motorcycles at will regardless of the public while entering a restraurant. At this notion, several Malay groups heard something else and accuse Karam of insulting the Malay people. This led to him being surrounded by a number of Malay people that was in the restaurant. Worried for his and his nephew's protection, he obligated to do what the Malay group told him to do and quickly apologize. Which led to the filming of the video above.

Now, keep in mind that Karam Singh Walia is an honorable journalist that fights issues regarding the environment throughout Malaysia. While doing so, has his own way and style of ending each news with a  number of hand motions and a simple Malay poetry, usually a Pantun, that reflects the situation of his news report. 

I'm not being biased in favor of Karam nor am I going against my rumpun, but usually when things as serious as this occurs in highly-sensitive Malaysia, the Malays will have these sense of togetherness all of a sudden and the will to protect their respectful right of being Malays in Malaysia. I, myself am provoked to defend my own race if I am insulted ethnically. 

But lets think outside the box for a while. First of all, Karam should know better not to insult or use racist comments to any race in Malaysia because it is as sensitive as ever. So did he really insulted the Malays, or did he just commented on the motorcyclist, (read: mat rempit)  that treated the road as if it's theirs? Provoked, these mat rempits motorcyclists came to confront Karam because of his comments and accused him of insulting the Malays in general rather than only the mat rempit motorcyclist in particular?   

Imagine the situation:

What he was reported saying was,
Karam : Bodoh betullah orang melayu! Siapa yang park motor sesuka hati nih?

But what he actually said was,
Karam : Bodoh betullah siapa yang park motor sesuka hati ni!

So logically, did he use any racial sentiments or remarks? Go figure.

Another thing was that, Karam was said to be drunk therefore making him unaware of his actions and words that he used. Oh really? I mean if he was really drunk, he wouldn't have apologized. Because, once your drunk, your consciousness goes outside the window. You'll do things without even thinking. So, if he was really drunk, how come he managed to muster that apologetic sentence, albeit using safe words, to the people in the restaurant?

And thirdly, when people are afraid of their safety, they can do absolutely anything to get away ALIVE. Karam, being surrounded by a Malay group, in the same time being accused of insulting the Malay general, cannot get away that easily without doing what was told. Therefore, he was forced into saying things like that because the group ASK him to, not because he did that on purpose. But again, I wasn't there to know the true story. This is all merely my own opinion.  

So can we judge him entirely on the video alone? I think it's best to listen to both side, Karam and the guy that posted the video. Know what really happen, before we spark another 13 May incident in the country.

Never judge a situation by first glance. Know the problem, analyze, then only decide whether it is right or wrong. 

p s : PERKASA senyap jek? Taknak komen ke pasai mende nih? =p

Quote of The Day : Okay, we are different it's true. And I don't like to do all the things that you do. But here's one thing to think through, You're a lot like me and I'm a lot like you!


Something I found on the interwebs...

FYI, yang berlakon cerita Hannah Montana tuh Miley Cyrus yerk. Bukan Selena Gomez. Kosmo Online! Please get your facts straight!

Lagipun siapa lah yang sanggup bunuh Cik Selena Gomez yang chomei nih konpem memang buta ataupun die jelez tak tentu pasai. Bukannye ko dapat kiss JB pun so deal with it! Dasar Americans and their stupid media frenzy obsession!

Quote of The Day
 "If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?" 


....congratulations to K.Raja and the menacing tigers!

Another outstanding performance by Safee Sali, another instinctive reflex saves by Khairul Fahmi, another formidable pairing of Muslim and Fadhly as the centre back, and viola! The nation's first AFF Suzuki Cup!
Hats off to the tactics employed by the magnificent tactician K.Raja, (might get a Datukship afterwards) and his young Malaysian side that have endured soo much throughout the tournament. An embarassing opening versus the Indonesian, a wistful draw with the once ASEAN giants Thailand, a demolition of the ASEAN punching bag Laos, and a brace from Safee Sali against Vietnam and again, Indonesia. 

The graph seems to be moving in an upward direction for Malaysian football. Not long ago we've won the gold medal in Football at the SEA Games in Vietnam. Now we've won the AFF Suzuki Cup.This altogether makes us the new king of Asean football. Can we now hope that at least Malaysia be known in the Asian region or is it too soon to ask? 

It has been reported that Safee has been approached by several Indonesian football club and Vietnam as well. Hopefully he makes the right decision, because like it or not, he's now the man that every Asean football club wants. 

Link from Kosmo Online;

In other news, Astro Media has bought the rights to broadcast the Malaysian Football League (namely Super League ad Premier League) as the were the new sponsors for next season. After I've read the news, I was like FINALLY! It took FAM quite sometime to hand in the broadcasting right to Astro. Because RTM was getting worse day by day and it was about time that Astro took over. And the commentator, Hasbullah Awang? Oh please, I'm sick of hearing his voice over and over everytime I watch a Super League game in RTM1 or RTM2. Hopefully something fresh and better from Astro!

Link from Kosmo Online;

p s : Guess my blog is turning into a footie blog ea? Sorry. Will update about other things later! 
p s s : Selangor FC are having their pre-season training in Australia. Kenapa negeri yang ditadbir oleh PR nih kaya-kaya belaka ek kelab bolasepak diorang? Kelantan pun tak kurang kaya-raya jugak dapat beli player-player mantap senang-senang je. hurm. something to ponder on.

Quote of the day : Physics would have been a lot easier if the TREE fell on Newton's head instead of the apple!

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