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post #37 : Its a bit late but...


....congratulations to K.Raja and the menacing tigers!

Another outstanding performance by Safee Sali, another instinctive reflex saves by Khairul Fahmi, another formidable pairing of Muslim and Fadhly as the centre back, and viola! The nation's first AFF Suzuki Cup!
Hats off to the tactics employed by the magnificent tactician K.Raja, (might get a Datukship afterwards) and his young Malaysian side that have endured soo much throughout the tournament. An embarassing opening versus the Indonesian, a wistful draw with the once ASEAN giants Thailand, a demolition of the ASEAN punching bag Laos, and a brace from Safee Sali against Vietnam and again, Indonesia. 

The graph seems to be moving in an upward direction for Malaysian football. Not long ago we've won the gold medal in Football at the SEA Games in Vietnam. Now we've won the AFF Suzuki Cup.This altogether makes us the new king of Asean football. Can we now hope that at least Malaysia be known in the Asian region or is it too soon to ask? 

It has been reported that Safee has been approached by several Indonesian football club and Vietnam as well. Hopefully he makes the right decision, because like it or not, he's now the man that every Asean football club wants. 

Link from Kosmo Online;

In other news, Astro Media has bought the rights to broadcast the Malaysian Football League (namely Super League ad Premier League) as the were the new sponsors for next season. After I've read the news, I was like FINALLY! It took FAM quite sometime to hand in the broadcasting right to Astro. Because RTM was getting worse day by day and it was about time that Astro took over. And the commentator, Hasbullah Awang? Oh please, I'm sick of hearing his voice over and over everytime I watch a Super League game in RTM1 or RTM2. Hopefully something fresh and better from Astro!

Link from Kosmo Online;

p s : Guess my blog is turning into a footie blog ea? Sorry. Will update about other things later! 
p s s : Selangor FC are having their pre-season training in Australia. Kenapa negeri yang ditadbir oleh PR nih kaya-kaya belaka ek kelab bolasepak diorang? Kelantan pun tak kurang kaya-raya jugak dapat beli player-player mantap senang-senang je. hurm. something to ponder on.

Quote of the day : Physics would have been a lot easier if the TREE fell on Newton's head instead of the apple!


DAUD said...

ah ni cerita tahun lepas...
orang nak cerita tahun baru..

ayeDo Roslan said...

ahh blah la engko.
ko pon takde update pasal 2011 nk kecoh2 plak.hahaha.

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