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Salam wbt,

Its 4.00 a.m on 23rd of July 2011.

Just got back from watching Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Awesome, awesome movie. Explosions. Nice cars. Hot chick with irresistible lips. Typical Michael Bay. Bravo.

However, am not writing this to review the movie. I mean honestly, its awesome, nuff said, case closed. I'm writing this entry because of something weird my company said after the movie. 

So we started chatting about how the movie was, the plot, and everything. And then we started talking about the soundtrack of the movie. I said I find soundtrack from movies are more edible in terms of enjoying music since a soundtrack of a motion picture would consists of different singers/bands, hence a variety of music selection. So I mentioned a couple of soundtrack albums I downloaded, 17 Again, Graduation Day, that one Mandy Moore movie, etc.

"17 Again? Like the Zac Efron movie?", she looked bemused.

"Yeah. Zac Efron. That movie. Why?", trying to hide my excitement upon hearing Zac's name. Don't judge me.

"Ugghh, I hate Zac Efron.", a tone of disgust echos.

"WWWHAAAAAATTTTT???????", this is brand new information!

"I just can't get along with clean cut guys. All those muka-jambus just not my type", she tries to hide her dis-likeness towards THAT type of man.

"So what do you like in a man then?", I have to get to the bottom of this.

"Y'know, unshaven, musky, toned kind of guys. The manly man, sort of guy".


"So you're telling me, instead of men that dress properly, smell nice, have a clean and shaved face, you would prefer guys that are raw, and sweaty instead?", this was not a sarcastic question.

"Haha", she chuckled. "No-lah. Think Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, that type of guys la. Bukannya yang tak reti nak shave bertahun-tahun and bau macam lori Alam Flora!".

I grinned an unbelievable grinned.

That gave me a brain freeze for a while. All this while I thought clean cut and presentable was the traits that girls like in a guy. Guess I have to grow a little facial hair and tore my jeans then. 

ps : Re-entering my blog. Hopefully this time I stay for real.
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