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This is my first solo attempt on becoming a youtube sensation. =P

Hope you guys like it.
Enjoy, =)

Nih link untuk youtube version. Takde banyak beza pon.Just tambah notation sket;

ps: test ow test. turbo + particles minggu depan...

Aku tak tahu siapa yang buat cover lagu Fynn Jamal nih but aku betul2 suke!

Hope that you guys would love this too.

Ini yang cover version;

Untuk kali keseratus lima puluh juta
Mereka tanyakan engkau soalan yang sama
“Eh kenapa kau masih lagi mahukan dia?”
“Apa kau buta, apa kau pura-pura suka”

Di seratus lima puluh juta kali itu
Di depan semua engkau tarik tangan aku
Yang sedang buat muka kosong tak ambil tahu
Sambil ketawa engkau bilang satu per satu

“Dia mungkin bengis seperti singa”
“Tapi dia nangis tonton cerita Korea”
“Dia mungkin keras bila bersuara”
“Tapi dia jelas, jujur apa adanya”

“Aku lagi kenal dia”

Dah lebih seratus lima puluh juta kali
Aku pesan padamu apa yang bakal jadi
Engkau dan aku ada mungkin tidak serasi
Engkau sangat manis, aku ini pula dawai besi

Di setiap seratus lima puluh jutanya
Aku pun dalam hati semacam tak percaya
Apa kau lihat pada aku jujurkan saja
Terus kau cubit dagu aku, sambil berkata

“sayang mungkin baran tak kira masa
tapi sayang tahan kalau yang salah saya
sayang mungkin saja keras kepala
tapi sayang manja bila kita berdua–
saya kenal sayang saya”

Buat apa dicerita
Bahagia kita rasa
Biar tak dipercaya
Peduli orang kata

Baju ronyok tak apa
Asal pakai selesa
Berkilau tak bermakna
Kalau hati tak ada

Aku lebih bengis dari sang naga
Tapi bisa nangis semata demi cinta
Suaraku keras tak berbahasa
Kerna aku rimas gedik mengada-ngada

Aku mudah baran tidak semena
Mana boleh tahan angin cemburu buta
Dan aku sengaja tunjuk keras kepala
Aku punya manja, kau saja boleh rasa

Rahsia kita berdua..

Lagu original die carikla kat youtube. berlambak!

Just nak share ape yang aku suke untuk post nih. Nothing much~

see you in the next post!

Apparently, this is how my friends sees me;

Thank you for being such honest friends. I will now decrease my frequency of wearing my spectacles. =)

ps: Mechi Version Berbuke bersama tonight!
So here's the thing. Lately I have soo many ideas and fruit thought (translate: buah fikiran. LOL!) to do my post but majority of em wouldn't sound great if I merely write it down and hoping for your imagination to kick in. So I thought, how the hell do I share my imagination with you guys, (as if I have THAT much of followers.....)? 

Nuff said, starting from today onwards, some of my post will either be full of writings and shit stuff, or it would be webcomic-based and awesome!

Keep on reading my peeps!

Ow and btw, say hello to comic me!

Or as my Electronics & Microprocessor's lecturer would say,

"HEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". hahaha! Sweet memories Dr. Hoole.

ps: updates on "The truth about being Malaysian.part3" & will start back on "Malaysian weekly"!

Her name is Gloria Lee, or so it says in her youtube profile. Big cute specs and a nice voice, I am definitely Fallin' For You. =)

ps : My thesis progress isn't going so good. HELP!
Time : 6.45 p.m.
Venue : My room

Guy 1 : Ayed, esok kau kelas habis pukul brape?

Me : Pukul 1 p.m. Nape?

Guy 1 : Cantek! Ko belikan aku bekas tapaw kat pejabat boleh? Malas la aku nk buka dekat DM. Ramai  sangat. ( Hands me RM 10)

Me : OK. No hal

Guy 1 : Thanks. I Love You!

Me : errrr.......(shuts door)!

ps: How do I respond to that?

As promised on May 9th 2010, my long awaited (yeah right!) post on Malaysian stereotypes. Yes people, it took me exactly 96 days to think about what to write on this entry. All this time, I pondered around on what words and things that would be suitable too add inside this post that wouldn't offend certain quarters of Malaysians. 

.........Not really.............. =)

I've been delaying to write in this blog since the end of my practical training since June 2010. Always wanted to write something but seems that my passion for writing blogs have been diminish a bit due to the anxiety of getting back to class after a 6 month absence. 
Yes my peeps! I missed lecture so much, that if there were any lectures in any university nearby Kuantan at that time, I would go and listen to the lectures just for the sake of the lecture hall feeling!
Since I'm back, hurrah for having-no-time-to-update-my-blog! yeay?

But as always, I would like to continue what I started 3 months ago. And what better time to write your blog after sahur when your stomach is full and your hunger subsides, For Now! 

SO, where were we? Oh yes! Malaysian stereotypes. Presenting;
1. Malaysians are bad drivers

We've all seem em. We've all came upon them once in a while. Reckless these lots are.Changing lanes without giving the signal, tail gating every car they see in front of them, parking at places where you cannot park, honking when there's a traffic jam although realising that honking wouldn't do much, bad-mouthing other drivers, jump queues, not giving way and the list goes on. Sometimes we wonder, where did all of these drivers went to driving school and how the hell that they pass the test? Sometimes we relish in anger, at times even acknowledging that such drivers should be revoked of their licenses. But then we realize that we are not that different after all. =)

2.Malaysians do things in the last minute

It's only the start of the semester.Enjoy first, study later bro.Chill~
And so we did.

And then came the mid semester's test, we did horribly, but then we said to ourselves, it's only 10% of finals bro, chill~
And again we did.

And then came the semester's group project. We did our part quite disorganize and our presentation was awful. We were left dejected, but then we said to ourselves, group project is only 5% of finals bro, chill~
And chill we did.

And then came the final examination for the semester. We didn't even bother to open our books until the very last day. We went through every topic but never understand the basics. So we sat at the exam hall, staring at the blank ceiling thinking to ourselves, what the fuck have I've been doing through out the semester?
You were chillin' bro, and you chilled quite well.

Still want to chill some more? =)

3.Courtesy is dead in Malaysia.

Try holding a door for a Malaysian during a busy day in front of your faculty's entrance door, chances are if he/she is a Malaysian, he/she would only walk past you. No smiles? No thank you? Apparently that is exactly how Malaysians behave. Try hold open an elevator door for other people to get in in time, chances are if he/she is Malaysian, she would shoved his/her way inside the elevator regardless of how full of people there is and without a slight guilty doing so. AH-MAA-ZINNG!! The LRT? Let the people come out first then only you get in? Not in Malaysia! Regardless if you're getting out, we would still force ourselves in! Somehow in our very busy life, we left out our courtesy and the will to smile and say "thank you~" .
Smile bitches! coz it ain't hard - Whose Line Is It Anyway

end of part 2.

Well, I've gotta say, writing about these things makes me want to be a better Malaysian and redeem the image that has been tarnished by this few, third world mentality Malaysians. Till then, will keep updating from now on. Promies.

Salam and happy fasting. =)
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