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Dudes & Dudettes,

I love our government. 

I love our government because in the midst of all of these bewildering economy, there is still some hope for the people in need.

There has been a lot of schemes develop under DS Najib's government, BR1M the latest in its foray. Thou headlines have been made on the certain selfish and immoral Malaysians that took advantage on these poor people, collecting RM50 fees for the BR1M form and what not. 

Selfish people aside, yesterday I've read something on the news that makes me raised my hopes on the government once more. 

SJK (C) Aik Hua is a Chinese Primary School located in Pasir Hitam, nearby Taiping, Perak. Now, I've never been in Perak, much less Pasir Hitam, but from what is described, the population in Pasir Hitam has been decreasing throughout the years as modern families have opted to live in more urban areas. This has resulted in the decline of students intake for the SJK (C) Aik Hua which will force them to close down the institution. 

Hearing the situation in Pasir Hitam, Mrs.Hasisah, a single Malay mother of 10 came all the way from Penang and enrolled her three children to SJK (C) Aik Hua, given them a lifeline to operate the school once more. 

Notifying this matter, MCA Bukit Gantang has acted to help Mrs. Hasisah and decided to give each of her children a RM 300 monthly allowance so that she can make the necessary arrangement to move to Perak to be with her three children. Besides that, the PTA of the school also offered a RM 150 monthly allowance to each pupil that enrolls in the school. Doing the math, Mrs. Hasisah gets RM 1350 nett a month just for sending her children to school. 

This is before adding in the allowance that Mrs. Hasisah will receive from the Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat once they've heard her plight. Plus other NGO's that admires Mrs.Hasisah's credibility and will to travel all the way to Perak for the betterment of her children & the school, will also make financial contributions no less.

I'm no genius, but when you have these kinda stories, makes you feel that even with lots of frauds, corruptions & embezzlement bits you hear involving government officials and Malaysian politicians, there are still some humanity left in them. 

Until the time where humanity prevails greediness, I wish all the best for DS Najib & co. 

source theSun

ps : Got 2 weeks before my final finals. Yes, I used final twice because this would be my last & final semester exams! Yipppie!

Dudes & Dudettes!

To all my Christian friends, doesn't matter if you're a Catholic, Protestant, undeclared (hihi) or not even sure (yeah! you know I'm talking about you my friend from JB who still have braces on after all this years!), hoping you guys have a joyful holiday this year, bask with all the gifts that fat guy with a sleigh can give you!

Anyway, since that fat guy can't come to Malaysia due to geographical reasons and the monsoon winds, I've actually bought something for myself. (Kesian kan takde GF neh. Hadiah pon beli sindrik untuk bagi kat diri sindrik. SobSobSobs).

I've been a fan of this comic strip since I've started reading my dad's STAR on Sundays and I haven't quite seem to have enough of it. So Tada!

My Christmas Collectibles! 

Bought Calvin & Hobbes and Calvin & Hobbes: Something Under The Bed is Drooling! I have been a fan since I was 12 and I can't start my day without having a sip of Calvin's imagination & Hobbes's cuteness. Haha. Both cost's under RM50, which is quite a bargain in this time of hardships. Bleugh~



Dude & Dudettes,

I was eager to watch Man Utd play Fulham today cause it has been a while since I've watch a football match. Due to work & classes, my body can't seem to find that extra energy to stay up & watch football. Thou, some of the time, the match clashes with my working hours. 

Anyway, woke up as early as, AND I'M NOT KIDDING, 4.00 a.m. today just to catch the game. And what a game it was. 5-0 was the final score, all by different players, and a cheeky back heel by Berba to pin the coffin for Fulham in the 88th minute. Scream like a girl when he did so! 

Anyways, I'm to sleep-deprived to write the analysis of the game, so here's a video of Rooney being the oblivious Scouse that he is. Enjoice!

ps : Even with Suarez, Liverpool can't get a win away at Wigan. Imagine not having him for 8 games staright? SMMMMIIIILLLLEEEEEE!

Dude & Dudettes,

SOURCE : sokerbocor

To those yang tak follow footie, Luis Suarez telah digantung 8 perlwanan first team domestik & disaman dengan amaun ciput 40k pound sterling. Now bagi Koppies, ini penangan yang maha hebat. Almaklumlah, 8 game kot? banyak yang boleh berlaku dalam 8 game. Tu belom kire kekalau die injured or homesick lak tetibe kan? Tu belom kire tetibe mak die suroh balik sebab jiran sekampung suroh masuk meminang anak dara depa? ye tak?

Lets see the 8 matches that Suarez will miss shall we?

He's not missing much now does he?

Well, to be honest, I don't think Liverpool will need to worry not having him for 8 games. I can see only 2 crucial games yang Suarez will be missed which are v Newcastle (H) & v Manchester City (A). Yang lain sumer adalah games yang Liverpool should be winning. Yes diorang jumpa balik City dalam Carling Cup but lets face it, its not a competition worth risking any of your first team players kan? Well, unless for Macnini la sebab diorang berlambak World Class players yang men 2nd team. Though Stoke might have a way to get something from their meeting with Liverpool, tapi main kat Anfield kot so The Kops should drown them out. 

All in all, I believe this is a good action by the English FA. So hopefully John Terry pon terima nasib yang samelah dgn spat die with Anton Ferdinand. Kalo Suarez dapat 8 game ban, Terry haruslah dapat 16 game ban sebab die English and die lagi faham tentang bahana racism daripada Suarez yang pramatang! LOL!

I just hate losing an argument due to your beautiful crying eyes. Demmit!

.wrote this way back in Jan 2009. didn't complete it until tonight. time to reflect.

Saharil Hasrin Sanin wrote in New Malaysian Essay 1 , untranslated, "semakin pantas kaki berlari,semakin banyak benda yang ditinggalkan dibelakangnya".
That is the truth, is it not?When we run, things get left behind. This statement catches me instantly when i first read his article inside the book which i've borrowed from Afiq (dah nak dekat 3 bulan kot buku nih dengan aku. mamat tuh x mintak2 balik pon. x nak dah ke?).

As human, we seek changes in life to TRY to complete it. The word TRY here gives a thousand meaning. We TRY to complete our life because there is no completeness in life itself. There would always be PROBLEMS. Be it big or small, a life can never be without problems. The moment we are introduced into the world, we give PROBLEMS to our dearest parents. We cry all night long not allowing our parents to have a goodnite sleep. We poop as we like regardless where we are, what we wear or who we're with. We crave for everything that we desire regardless of whether our parents can afford it or not. We puke at the expense of our mother's new dress.

And then we evolve from an innocent little infant to a destructive child. Ahh...the monstrosity.
We terrorize.We put in everything that we can grab into our mouth. And spitting everything that we taste bitter. We break everything we find unsuitable and that we dislike. We cry our lungs out just to get our parents attention. We ride our father on the back as if he's a ride in the funfair.

And then came our little brother or sister. Ahh..the first taste of jealousy. We forbid our uncles and aunts to carry our sibling around. Instead we ask ourselves to be carried and to play superman around the house. We hug our mothers tightly at the sight of them right after we woke up just so that they cannot breastfeed our sibs. We left our sibs when he or she is crying, desperately in need of food or pamper. We took their chocolate when mommy or daddy isn't watching and watch them helplessly cry, we smile with pride. What a list of problems had we given only our parents in that growing years alone.

Dont get me started on primary schools.Let alone secondary..this blog might be the longest post ever in the history of blogging. The point is, PROBLEMS are created whether we like it or not. Thus a complete life, is nothing but a sad hoax. And to TRY to complete it, we change things. And by what Saharil means by 'berlari' is of course, change. We change our lives from time to time just so that we can live a pseudo-perfect life.

But, often we forget that just because we change our lives doesnt mean we're doing the right thing. Yes, change is good but only when it is in the right direction. Barack Hussein Obama is trying to change America, and let us hope -God Willing-that he change America in the right direction. (for starters, stop acknowledging Israel, please. You dont need a flashlight to know why Mr.President).Politics aside, to change means to try new things and leave other things behind. Some changes are easy. Some break hearts. To try new clothes and let a fren have our old ones is nothing. But saying goodbye to a girl your share almost 10 month of your life with is not something that you can do without hurting yourself.

To change, courage and the pure willingness to change for the better is needed. Hijrah as my religion calls it. Me, myself am trying to berhijrah to a desirable state in life and clearly I'm nowhere near perfectness.Oopps.pseudo-perfectness. Some humans are moved by the desire to be the best. Some are moved by the changes made by their peers or the people around them. Humans are copycats of the other. True. When one see the other is different, then he might have the desire to change to the differentness that the other possesses. At times, changes can be painful. Thus, one's courage would come into play. Sheikh Muzaphar made a great risk when he opted to join the Angkasawan program, leaving his full time career of RM 10,000.00 a month earnings just to act on the will to change. And he did just that. He changed the mind of young Malaysians, opening up to the rare idea of space and the spice that comes with it. (And then he was charged of earning profits from his lecture series but of course, that is another story. See the pseudo-perfectness i referred to?)

We may 'berlari' towards, regardless of what obstacles we may face, but we must also be prepared to 'tinggalkan' our normality and our comfort zone. 2009 is only a month old. Its not too late to take a look at our already dusty piece of paper that we wrote our new years resolution's list and try to live each and every one of it.

Lets change and be the change that we want to be all this while.

At least, I'm trying. What about you?

Salam peeps,

This would be my first book review. Excited ngat! Haha.

KOUGAR by Shaz Johar

First of all, this is the first FIXI novel that I have the chance to finish. Also, I've never heard of Shaz Johar in the blogsphere before, so his writings was totally fresh for me. I was planning to start my FIXI adventure with Nizam Bakeri's PECAH, but haven't been able to get a grip on the book yet so I've decided to start with KOUGAR instead.

KOUGAR memperlihatkan pembacanya dengan dunia seorang wanita metropolitan with a humble history, yang berumur 40 tahun, named Rakisha. (Nama agak moden for a girl yang claimed datang dari Kampung, don't you think?). Like any cougars cliche, Rakisha dalam dillema untuk mencari pasangan yang sesuai dengan diri beliau. In the book, Rakisha will meet a number of guys, each plays a significant role in her quest to find Mr.Right. But in the end, *spoiler alert* all that she can find is Mr.Right-Now.


I have to give credit to Shaz Johar sebab KOUGAR di samping memperlihatkan realiti dunia metropolitan, terselit gak isu-isu yang taboo dalam masyarakat. Tersirat mungkin, tapi bagi pembaca yang bijak tentu korang leh tangkap gak isu-isu polemik masyarakat. For example, isu wanita menutup aurat tapi membuka aurat pada masa yang sama. Tak lupa jugak isu bernikah bukan untuk kepuasan atau keperluan diri tetapi lebih kepada menuntut kehendak ibu bapa. We may see that as being a decimal issue, but decimal issues nih yang masyarakat neglect dan akhirnya memakan diri sendiri.

Aku senang relate dengan Protagonis KOUGAR, Rakisha. Yes I know that the protagonist is a 40 year old-woman, stuck in her job that she doesn't like, in love with a guy 13 years her junior, but still goes out with other guys she has no background of. But some part of her struggles reflects my struggle as well. For one, I'm stuck in a field that I have partial interest in. How I'm going to survive afterwards is for the future me to worry about. 

Ade chapter-chapter dalam KOUGAR yang akan membuatkan male readers baca at least tiga kali just for the sake of transferring the exquisite words to images in their heads (female readers pon kot? =p). Although the sex scenes in KOUGAR is discrete, ada gak la masanya aku terbayangkan nukilan hebat penulis-penulis melayubolehdotcomdoymy satu ketika dahulu. Haha. 


Adekalanya dialog dalam KOUGAR agak kekok dan terlalu formal. Adekalanya pembaca akan berhenti kejap baca, dan berfikir sejenak "Ade ke aku guna ayat camnih nak cakap dengan kengkawan aku?". An amature mistake I  have to say, since this is Shaz Johar's first book. Although I'm hoping that he can make improvements or risk being labelled as the next Ahadiat Akashah ( not that I hate Ahadiat Akashah or anything. =S )

Some back story untuk certain characters dalam KOUGAR aku rase are incomplete. For example *spoler alert*, kita tak tahu ape kes yang terjadi with Azril & Datuk Mike in the end of the book. Seolah-olah penulis sengaja mencipta back stories mempelbagaikan plot tapi plot yang tak mencapai klimaks, which is quite disappointing gak lah. 


For my first FIXI novel, aku rasa not bad lah and thumbs up for Shaz Johar on his portray of a woman in her mid-life crisis and the struggles that comes with it. However, I really hoped for a formidable ending in his next writings since ending untuk KOUGAR tergantung sangat and membuatkan aku merungut memalam nak tahu ape ending untuk Rakisha & ke-KOUGAR-an beliau. 

Dudes & Dudettes,

This is kinda late, but just want to share a video I find inspiring. View with an open mind please? Don't judge & discriminate.

"The sexual orientation of my parents have zero affects on the content of my character".

ps : Instead of bashing them and calling them names, shouldn't we try to understand them and help them if we can? After all, humanity prevails right?


Dah setahun aku single. More or less.

Takdelah exactly setahun. I mean, aku bukan jenis yang touchy bitchy guys yang nak kira from the exact date putus sampai today. 

But I remember it was somewhere in November 2010. I don't even remember the date. See what a douchebag I can be? 

So obviously dah setahun la kan? 

Aku rasa ini paling lama kot aku stay single. 

Eh jap! No no.

The period after SPM and the whole year through matriculation, I was single. Haha. Imagine that. Of all the hot Pantai Barat-ens & Timur-ens at my college, I couldn't summon that manly spirit in me for that cute Kelantan-born-Jack Purcell-wearing-about-my-height girl phone number. Imagine knowing a girl that wears Jack-Purcell to class! And its not even in KL! Its in Pa-fucking-hang! How often can you find the perfect Perempuan Melayu Terakhir, Baju Kurung wearing somemore, and from Kelantan no less?? 

But naaaahhh. Didn't get her number. So thats how I stay single throughout my college years. True story.

Being single is not a bad thing. 

I mean for one, u'll wont be having a syaitonnnirahjim as your butler when you're out with your gal, being all lovey dovey and stuff(s). 

And you save a lot of money. A whole freaking lot! Makes a world of difference if you're in my shoes. I wear Converse All Star btw. cool eh?

And most of all, you'll have more time for yourself. And I really cherish my time. And currently I have a lot of work to be done. So being single is an asset for me.

But lately I've been having this weird feeling inside me. Peering whenever it wants, leaving me unprepared almost all the time. 

This feeling gets me when I'm alone,when my friends are all busy with their things, or when I call my mom and she doesn't pick up the phone. I hate it when this feeling gets me. 

Its like urging me to go find someone. Someone to care. Somebody to love. *Oh Shit! Justin Bieber reference!* 

"But I don't need one right now!", my brain tells me. My brain is awesome, btw.

"Yeah right, you don't NEEEEED one. Then why the hell do you smile like an ugly monkey whenever you see cute couples holding hands and being all lovey dovey and shit huh?", my heart, always the provoker. 

"", my brain isn't so good arguing about stuff like this.

I hate this weird feeling. Why can't I control who I want to fall in love with? Why can't I be awesome being single without my heart stupidly pumping oxytocin to my brain whenever I'm alone? Shit.

I'm planning to stay single at least till I'm 33. yeah 33. Ten years from now.

I have things to do, stuff to complete, accomplishments to achieve. 

I want to be able to converse in Mandarin & French, fluently, five years from now.

I want to own a Masters in Business & Administration, seven years from now.

I want to invest in an apartment, preferably in an urban area, but without the hassles of traffic during peak hours, ten years from now.

I want to own a Mini Cooper S 1.6, preferably in a stylish red, with a white line finishing on the bonnet and shining wheels, ten years from now.

I want to have a management post in my work, commanding the utmost respect from colleagues, ten years from now.

I want to have a six pack, the one that is visible even from the moon, ten years from now.

I DON'T WANT TO FALL IN LOVE! That was never in the 10 year plan!

So could this stupid-weird felling GO AWAY! Leave me in peace for at least another ten years in my life. 

Let me achieve my goals first. Let me right the wrongs I did in my life first. Let me make my dad proud for the first time in his life first, PLEASE???!!!!






After all that,..... 

After giving me time to do all this,....... 

Can you please come back and make me fall in love with the right girl? 



Because even if I achieve all this, it wouldn't be complete if I don't have anyone to call in the middle of the night to share it with.


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