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Hello peeps! What is up! 

......that sounds funny......

Anyway, a very quickie update on things i deem important that has been happening throughout the weekends. 


I mean, really? Another fightback when we're leading? Really? Another dejavu from Goodison Park? Nani, I love you! You're were brilliant. You setup one goal and scored the other. But during the last minutes of the games you've completely lost it. Can't you keep you composure for the full f**king 90 minutes? I know you're know Cristiano Ronaldo, but worth something to the team. And if you don't tick, you can't ask lazy-bum-Berbatov to do all the work. 

Berba, you're a good player. We paid you 32.5 million pounds to get your ass into Old Trafford and do the magic you always do back at White Hart Lane. And for a f**king 32.5 million pounds, you should be doing the magic week in and week out. God dammit!

Van Der Sar, what happen to you old man? got butterfingers? forgot how to catch a ball already? want me to slap you in the face that it shakes your brain so hard that you would then remember the RIGHT way to catch a ball?

Chicarito, you're a bless to the devils. You kinda resembles the hardworking Tevez albeit with less muscle and a cute babyface ( did I say cute? I meant manly! )

The next game is against Stoke at Brittania. And if you flunk this game again, I am sooo gonna slaughter each and everyone of you except Chicarito~


As reported by any football media throughout the world, it seems that the word are well to be true. A spat with Sir Alex has put Rooney's contract talks on hold. It is sad but I wont miss him much. I mean if he stays but perform as he did during the last game, then I won't mind him leaving for Santiago Bernabeu or Camp Nou

Here's a link about the news. Thank you KOSMO Online!


If you dunno who's TaeYang is then google him. Here's a glimpse of what my hair would be somewhere in the future. Exact date is unknown. =)

ps : Sorry for the EFF words. Im pretty emotional when it comes to football. =P
pss : Tak bayar fees lagi. Matilarh~
psss : dua paper exam this week. =)

Hello Malaysians. Also hello to any non-Malaysian readers. 

The Sosilawati Murder case. Heard of the new progress? Well, it turns out that some were outraged by what the court has decided to give two of the accomplice.

Helping to burn the bodies + Scatter the remains in a river + Hiding the murder weapons ARE only equal to a 7 years in prison. In which if they behave good, will allow them to go out early. I mean what the hell?

Is this how it's gonna be for any similar cases? They help to murder people, innocent people for god sake! Shouldn't they at least be given similar penalties to that of murder? The legal system in this country is redundant for all I care. 

For the rest of the story, here's the link. thanks KOSMO Online!

Hello Malaysians!

Now, where should I start? Ow yes. My apologies! I have to spank my lazy freaking hands due to this late-late-late entry. I've been pushing myself to try and write at least three times a week but my mind just doesn't have that urge to rapidly type the keyboards on my laptop and try writing something that make sense. However, you're in luck coz today I'm in the zone to splurge things i've been wanting to write about!

Now before I continue, let me remind you that these Malaysian Weekly series are local and/or foreign news that I selected to be redeemed and retold. Therefore, you shouldn't be confused of Malaysian Weekly as a normal weekly news reporting. Comprende?

Moving on.....


Well, apparently not so hot anymore is the investigation to the murders of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya & Friends. I like it that the media doesn't seem to emphasize on the other people that we're brutally murdered as almost all of the media we have here in Malaysia labels the case as "The Sosilawati Murder Case". Pretty ignorant eh? Anyways, moving on to the real news, the accomplice of the murders we're moved to Sungai Buloh Penitentiary to further help the investigations. Its not that I don't give a damn but lets look at Teoh Beng Hock case, it took the cops a whole year and a Thailand forensics expert and still the case is yet to be solved. And mind you TBH died with his body intact, no offense. Now imagine trying to solve a murder case of 4 people without their bodies. Are we asking too much from our Armed Forces? Lets hope for the best shall we?


Hats off to the Malaysian contingent! 12 golds and ended up above those bloody Singaporeans, I am most impress! Congratulations Latuk Lee Chong Wei on preserving his world's nomero uno status but acing the finals. Same goes to national heros Kien Keat-Boon Heong and the unknown pairing of Kien Keat-Eei Hui. But bad luck to Azizul Hasni Awang though. Getting called off his gold medal was a daylight robbery. Yeah the referee made bad calls at times but we he sure shows what a tiny Malaysian man with a brave Malaysian heart can do! Malaysia buhleh!


Some labelled it as a hoax but it sure doesn't look like a hoax to me. Here's a link from KOSMO Online! I'll let you be the judge ok! 

So here's some Malaysian News for you. Will give you an update on the 2011 budget on the next post. Till then.

ps : Man Utd v West Brom tonite. Can't wait
pss: I have two test, two assignments and one thesis to complete next week. Could life be any s**ter.

full blog coming soon. Sorry for the looooooong delay~

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