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post #30 : It has been a f**king while

Hello drama queens!~ What is up?

Sorry for the foul title post. Life has been pretty dull after exams, hoping a crazy title post would give colours to this dull blog.Also i'm writing this around 3.13a.m in the morning so my morality judgement is over-rated.

It's been a f**king while hasn't it? No post. No updates. No whuptido. No anything. I hate to apologise so I come clean lah. I have been a lazy ass all this while. The material is there for me to talk, share and write about but the will was absent. plus, my exams and thesis has been taking all my time this while. My thesis sucks FYI. I have been dwelling with soo much theories that I forgot to put more experimental datas in it. I'm doomed. Hope next semester isn't a highway to hell. Geez~

So, this post present as a statement that i'm back for a while in the blogesphere and hoping that updates will be daily and swift. 


I'm recently single.(wait? is two month recent?). I was the dumper not the dumpee, if you want to know. So yes, i'm a total jackass. =). 

Exams has recently ended, so my life has no meaning anymore (for now).

I want to go home but i have this stupid presentation on wednesday so probably by thursday i'll be in JB, chillin' with my family and friends.

My hair is the longest i've grown in my life i think. i think give it another two weeks i can tie it and have an awesome ponytail! haha.(i should consider this!)


The Korean attack was a nasty one. News have confirmed that the North fired the first shot. Due to repercussions, the South attack swiftly, hoping to give the North a warning to not start a war. The news has been circulating and it seems that there is no stopping an evident Third World War.  

Know how war works right? A country will have beef with another country so provocations will lead to open fire. When this happen, allies of both country will try to serve the country at war in whatever means they can be it armory,food,shelter you name it. So once the allies openly declare war, it will invlove almost all part of the world. Cuz almost all of the world are allies with one another.  So as thing gets messy, these allies would then use the state of war of a country and manipulate and corrupts the leading party of the now dismantle nation. In which, that nation will then be in the total power of the ally(usually the US,or the Soviets). And tadaa, a new age nation is born! 

More news on the Korean fights later!

p/s : have you ever felt like you we're in love, but she never did really fell the way you fell? Cruel, isn't it?

p/ss : love the new template? hoping it'll be more soothing to read rather than being black all the time.


Roseeta said...

and now he swears.. bad influence huh?

daud said...

tukar balik layout,
pening baca.

ko single ke?

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