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post #33 : Malaysia 2 v 0 Vietnam

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Assalamualaikum wbt Malaysians,

I have great news to share with you. 

*CUE : Applause and screaming girls*

For the entity of life that does not understand football (translate : WOMEN), you just wouldn't know how it felt to watch Safee Sali scored those two amazing goals, in the process, paving an easier road to the finals. With the two goals in the bag, the return leg at Hanoi will be less a burden to the players. 

The goal, the celebration, the cheerful laughter, still fresh in my memory. (Memanglah! Balik2 terus buka blog memangla fresh dol!). By far, the best Malaysian football display I've ever seen. Credit to coach K.Rajagobal for instilling a never say die attitude and a good attacking mentality in our boys. 

Fair to say, I've known only a few players in the starting line-up tonight, but boy I wish I knew all of em like I know the starting line-up of Manchester United. Still, here are a few players that have caught my eye tonight and hoping that their display of fluid football would continue to thrive us forward!

At first glimpse, he looks like a Japanese film star. LOL! He did what was asked and was crucial in stopping those Vietnamese long shots. 

Goal scorer! Terrific upper body strength! Resembles a tanned Rooney in a way. Haha. Hoping to see more of him in the second leg!

If Manchester United have Nani on the wings, we have the menacing S.Kunalan. He dribbles, he runs, he does step-overs, he'll make the life of the fullback a living hell. 

A draw in the second leg at Hanoi is all we need now. Please let us see Indonesia in the finals! Coz it would be more than just a football match then. It'll be payback, and those Indonesian won't even see it coming!


1 comment:

CheNta C pu3 said...

minta copy gambar..thanks.. :)

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