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post #32 : I'm gloating in this post. =)

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Hello peeps!

Today was the big day, the reason why I haven'y gone back home since my exams were over on 8th December 2011. Today I face those who dare question my work, who despise my contribution to science! Today is the day that decides whether my whole semester of literature reviewing, heat transfer knowledge stuffing, countless hours in the library and my late night lattes were worth it..........OR not!

Today was the day that I present my work on the works and wonders of Nanorefrigerant and how it affects that little box that you have in your house, the source of your endless gluttony, the reason of your existence, the undervalued equipment you have in your home, THE REFRIGERATOR! 

And so I suited up (All Hail Barney Stinson!) and went to the lecture hall. There it was cold, as cold as the eyes of the lecturers that was about to expose my weaknesses and blatantly beat me to death with their horrific words and malicious comments! A smirk in their faces, probably in their minds they think I'm just another useless undergraduate that has come today to tell them nothing more than just rubbish. 

Boy we're they wrong.........

And so everything was history. I did what I came to do, and they accept my presentation as it was. Some comments were made but they we're not as harsh as I thought they would be. So i survive this encounter, and live to tell the tale. In other words, I ACED IT! YEAH!.

ps : Barney Stinson came by after my presentation to congratulate me. Thanx dude!

 .....told ya I gloat..... =)

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