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salam and good day.

As fate would have decide it in any other day, Arsenal can never win at Old Trafford. And that day falls upon a fine evening in Manchester, England on the 29th of August 2009. Ofcourse it's already the weehours of 31st August 2009 (Merdeka!) in home soil when they play at Old Trafford, but the eyes would never say no to football. And whats that Rooney? You should have taken the penalty at the Burnley game? Ahh..I couldnt agree more Rooney sir.

Anyways, the game was explosive right from the start. The ball was pretty much Man U to gave away and they did make some mistakes that sends them regretting ever doing it in the first place. Here's how I rate the players on tonights match (out of 10);

Ben Foster. 7.5 - Could have done better to stop Arshavin's goal. But, redeemed himself by foot-saving Van Persie's on target shot.

Patrice Evra. 7.5 - Small but deadly. Hold on to Eboue well in the 1st half but starts losing him in the 2nd due to excessive offensive runs.Great pace by the way. Sometimes work well with Nani on short and through passes. Had a shot on goal. But well beaten by height with Nicklas Bentdner in the 2nd half. Yellow card for causing no harm at all with 'dramatic' Eboue.

John O'shea. 5.0 - Not having the best of his games tonight thou.Too many times he let Arshavin let pass thru him and Arshavin sure did cause a hole in United's defence. Yellow card for obstructing someone in the midline.

Wes Brown. 6.0 - Works well with Vidic although did some very costly mistakes. Almost handed Van Persie and Eduardo with chances to score with the unnecessary back-passes to Foster. Good in the air thou. Yellow card for something. I dunno. Hee~

Nemanja Vidic. 7.0 - Solid as rock.Van Persie was put under his shadow at all times. Create an understanding with Brown and Foster. 2 thumbs up you lucky Serbian you!

Nani. 7.0 - Efficient at times when there were chances. Created a lot of chances for United's attack. Dribbles well and the through pass to Berbatov in the ending minute was a beauty. Nani the new Ronaldo? Maybe.

Darren Fletcher. 8.0 - Man of the Match for me. Work hard. Was in all places at all times. United may end their search for a midfield maestro as they have one in the form of a Scottish that is soo thin but holds the ball as if his superman.

Ryan Giggs. 6.0 - He was overall poor today. Probably the age is taking its toll on him. Loses the ball too easily. Passing are average and sometimes doesnt even reached the desired teammate. This should be his last season of football I think. Go back to Wales and feed the dragons ea pakcik.

Antonio Valencia. 6.5 - Average. He could have done a lot more to saviour his transfer fee of 15 mil pound and satisfy the public that he is the ideal replacement of Ronaldo on the right wing. Didn't perform today,but still waiting for some dramatic improvement in the next game.

Michael Carrick. 6.0 - Why the hell is he even on the field today if my grandma can play better than him.Lets just face it. Defensive Midfielder isn't a position that suits Carrick. He can't play "Xabi Alonso" ball in United.

Wayne Rooney. 7.5 - Scored a penalty. A constant menace to both Vermalean and Gallas. Continued his fine form for United. Keep it up boy!


Park Ji-Sung. 6.5 - This hardworking Korean didn't influenced the game as he wished he had. Was always outrun by Clichy and clearly can never beat an ARSE player throught strength. Wished he had featured earlier in the game.Go to the gym some more and buff up that body!

Berbatov. 5.5 - As to why he was brought in, in the first place was a complete mystery to me. He didn't score when Nani gave him the most beautiful thru pass ever. Didnt even test Almunia at all. A Bad Day for the Bulgarian.

Cant wait for next week's game. Glory2 Man United.
Brunch is not so bad once u've tried.I had it this morning/afternoon.And by the looks of it, my stomach is a bit confius rite now.

Lepak-ing at the faculty is not a bad idea also once you get used to studying under a very-fast moving ceiling fan which someone would mistakenly confused it with a helicopter rotor on backwards. So here I am,after brunch, lepak-ing at level 2 of the Engineering Tower (was it right to capitilise 'E' and 'T'?).

First of all, my deepest and sincere apology due to my absence in the blogging world about 2 month or so. I have plenty of reasons lined up. One of it is my recent lack of ideas and writers block that comes when you spend two month taking up failed papers when other people are enjoying their stupid holidays! (well, the reason it's stupid coz everbody else got to enjoy theirs but me). Anyway, pointless complaining aside, I'm back, for good, Insyallah.

My absence was not without something. I actually have many to tell and discuss in this blog of mine. Noticed the new template? Decided to make it more simplistic. Words, titles and an angel of death on the side.Reason? None. Hey, it's my blog, so live with it. Owh, credit to my friend AisyaKama. She did all the codings and what not. I was never really good at programming thou. Thanx a lot AisyaKama. Heard she's unemployed. Well, hope she finds a job or continues her studies. All the best~

For today's enrty, I would like to discuss on a lacking of a human quality in some of my peeps that I have found to be very very disturbing, COMMITMENT. Yes,yes, I know what you guys are thinking and i promise you this would not be a lecture session given by an unqualified-yet-to-have-a-degree-but-very-good-looking-malay-guy. (Owke, the last part was a bit exxagerated.hehe).

Here's the story. Last night I had a drama gathering session seniors-and-juniors for our weekly practice. Since the coordinator had something else to be 'busied' with, she had ask me to conduct the gathering first. Well, me being who I am, obligated to her wishes in the sake of my COMMITMENT to the drama team that I love (also a bit exxagerated). So I went to this certain 'senior' member of the drama team and asked him to come down and meet the juniors. And this is where the story got pretty hot. His fucking-selfish-very-rude-stupid answer was "MALASLAH!". yeah, "MALASLAH!". What a 'great' show of commitment. The only day I had asked him to come down and meet the juniors but he gave such an answer. I was furios, mad and hating this certain 'senior', all at the same time. With this attitude, no wonder everyone hates you behind your back. Oh? Did I 'accidentally' spill it out. Oh. My bad. So sorry 'senior'.

To let you imagine how mad I was at the time, I came bursting inside his room, throw all his stuff from the table, started cursing him (FUCK YOU! was used more than fifty times.yeah.I counted) and questioned his commitment to the drama team, and give him a fist punch at his nose.Broke it too. But ofcourse, all of that, NEVER HAPPENED. Instead, I stormed down the stairs, kicked the door and said "FUCK YOU senior's name". Of course by the time I said that, I was already on my way to the tennis court for the weekly gathering.He never heard~

So people, commitment is important regardless in whatever thing you want to do. Killing that commitment, you might as well dont give it in the first place. This story might had happened to you but ofcourse with a different version (or similar). But anyway, Im urging you guys to stay committed to things that you had ventured yourself into. Work,Routine,Relationships, even Leisure. Coz once you kill your commitment, you might never know who's cursing you out loud and how many people actually hates you behind your back. Lesson learnt!

Till the next post. C yah!

song of the day : On My Own (Vincent Vincent and The Villians)

ps: YTL still x masuk lagi.Lembab!
pss: Dah lame tak balik rumah.hurm.
psss: ............
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