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post #73 : Kelab Taat Suami katanya..

Salam Jumaat dear readers,

A good day, a good turn of a new year, am I right?

Sori lah for the lack of post these couple of week. As I've just finish my finals, I have my free time cut off because I have to replenish all my unpaid leaves I took to study for my papers. Plus I plan to go to Penang on February for a little retreat with my buddies, so a little extra cash would be soo helpful.

Happy 2012 and a Happy Lunar New Year. 

Now that that's out of my chest, read something terribly odd on the news today. 

Headlines : "Rasullullah Tokoh Seks Suci Islam".

What The Pak? Almost spurred my cup of joe early in the morning. *cliche sanggaaatt*

When it comes to our dearest prophet Muhammad S.A.W., *praise be upon him*, he is the best example of how to live Islam as the Ad-din, the way of life. But to promote him as a sex idol, in the name of upholding family institutions, is just way out of line! Or even kelakar when you think of how stupid an idea is.

Yes, our prophet Muhammad S.A.W., *praise be upon him*, has given us guidelines as to what to-do and what not-to-do in our daily routines to make us feel as a whole with God, to make us feel complete. But to conduct a forum to discuss on matters of the bedroom of the prophet would be disrespectful to the prophet itself.

Discussing sex publicly is one thing, but to consider for the slightest that you could promote the prophet as a sex idol is just against the teaching of Islam. Never in the Quran or even in the riwayah of any of hadith should we promote the prophet as a sex idol. Rather it was quoted to follow the examples of the prophet as a model husband. Theres a vast difference in promoting the prophet as a husband, and idolizing him as a sex idol. Which in this case, the latter is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!

Kelab Taat Suami (Obedient Wives Club) should put an end to their effort that devours an opposite path from society. Not long ago they created controversy saying wives should "serve" their husband as "first-class prostitute". I find these remarks down-grading to wives and women. And How can you put up prostitution and likened it to something that can save marriages, when in the first case, it is one of the causes that can lead to divorces. Ironi sangat Kelab Taat Suami nih.

But to all fairness, their efforts in trying to save marriages and promoting sexual discussions should be credited. I mean lambat laun Malaysians have to open their minds to discuss such issue in public. Tak perlu nak memalu discuss tentang safe sex kalau hari-hari berita asyik dok ulang pasal kes buang bayi merata-rata. Cukuplah kita sebagai masyarakat terima dosa syubahah sebab tak buat anything nak prevent benda nih dari terus berlaku. Cuma tak perlulah nak radikal sangat kot kalau nak tarik penonton sangat sampai gunakan imej Rasullulah S.A.W sebagai seorang idola seksual. (Betul ke ayat aku nih? Grammar Nazis tolong betolkan!)

Peace & Salam Jumaat!


Muhammad Tarmizi bin Kamaruddin said...

buatlah Kelab Taat Isteri pulak...

Faisal Rasyid Roslan said...

Sape yang rajin nak pi daftar Kelab Taat Suami silakan.

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