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His smile says it all. =)

Now, what I like about being a Manchester United fan is that whenever your watching a game at a mamak nearby or anywhere outside of the comfort of your home, there's always a group of anti-Manchester United fan sitting in a table which happens to be the loudest table during the game. Of course, their reasons of being so is simple, to create a deeper frustration or to completely humiliate the Man United fans that are watching the game whenever the opposition scores against United. Usually you here the sound of thunderous claps, loud stupid noises, and horrendous comments about United players, that only these stupid and pathetic lots can do best. 


Sadly to say, they were as quite and dull, as dull as their brain could be tonight. Cause why? Cause the boys in red showed them to shut their stupid mouth up! Chica, show them how to score a goal will ya?

Now you see me. Now you don't.

The fact that Unite played horribly in the first half made me think that this was another Marseille replay. Boring, dull, unentertaining and above all, goalless. United's front man really made me wanna throw my seat onto the tele once in a while. But the performance of the back four with VDS stole the show in the opening first half. 

First, Van Der Sar showed old Fergie that Kuszcak & Lindegard should stay as back-up goalkeepers for the rest of the season when he saved Victor Moses's close range shot by using his shoulders. Well, ofcourse Moses's finishing helped a little but Van Der Sar deserved some credits too. And then again, several minutes after that when Wigan began attacking in numbers, Van Der Sar showed his true quality this time denying another close range effort from the Latics.

United didn;t wait long for the opening goal and in the 18th minute Chicarito struck a low shot through Ali Al-Habsi from a counter attack of Nani and Rooney. And the score maintained at 1-0 till the half ended.

United looked more of a refreshed team at the start of the 2nd half as they gain more possession and look defensively sound in the back. The partnership of Smalling and Vidic has bare fruit in this game as chances from Rodallega, N'zogbia and Moses seemed to be denied by these two brilliant defenders. 

The Latics once again tested Van Der Sar's swift reaction, this time in the form of left-back Maynor Figueora. A blistering shot from outside the box scrambled Van Der Sar blocking the shot away from his goal, earning the Latics a corner kick.

When things look to be another slim win for United, Van Der Sar once again made a Beckham-assist to Rooney in the depth of the Latics half before poking a through pass to Chica for him to struck the second goal of the game. 

Wigan tried to battle their way back into the game by introducing Franco Di Santo into the game playing two men upfront. But things really didn't work out for them. In fact the only contribution from Di Santo was a one-two play with Rodallega before his goal was considered offside. Rodallega & Di Santo pretty much spent the entire evening in the pockets of Smalling & Vidic. 

The introduction of Berbatov and Gibson came swiftly after the 2nd goal, with more goals in the mind of old Fergie. Both of them didn't wait long to contribute in the game when in the 85th minute, Gibson's long ball upfront found the unmanrked Berba who broke into the box. Seeing the ongoing Alhabsi, Berba easily gave the ball to Rooney who puts it away into the empty net. A goal for the Roo-Meister albeit a very silent evening for the 23 year old. 

Not long after that, Fabio was introduced into the game with Nani making way. And boy was he a surprise addition. Playing wide in the left wing, he didn't wait long to get in the score sheet as well. A cross from Fletcher into the box found an unmarked Fabio, and he easily puts it away, scoring his first ever goal for United. Rafael could only manage a smile seeing his little twin brother sharing the special moment with his teammates. 

Problem Al-Habsi? Ngee...

Scorer : Hernanderz (17,75) , Rooney (85), Fabio (87)
Man of The Match : Edwin Van Der Sar
Over-acvhiever : Fabio Da Silva - came on, scored a goal, grin like a nine year-old.
Under-performer : Wayne Rooney - stayed on, tapped a simple goal, could have done more.

Salam Peeps!

You know this guy?

Please sing for me. =)
If you don't recognise him or have no idea who's this fine looking fellow is, it's either you have something wrong with your brain, or you've been in a comma for the past two months and you just woke up and currently reading this blog. 

To the masses, his name is Safee Sali. But to the fanatic supporters of Malaysian Football, he is the game changer, the life saver, the footballing hero of our time! Now, for those of you who are blank in sports, (translate : complete ignorants!) Safee has in the post AFF Suzuki Cup Finals, which we've won comfortably 4-2 against Indonesia, making news about heading out of the M-League to ply his style of football in ISL (Indonesian Super League).  This news came as a shocker because, one, it is very rare to hear about interest from football clubs outside of the country, and two, this is the first time that I think 3 clubs from Indonesia and one from Vietnam had shown full interest in only one Malaysian player! Amazing the performance you put on one major tournament could have throughout your career as a footballer. 

But, piki punye piki punye piki, on the verge of last week, he made his move to Pelita Jaya, one of the struggling clubs now sitting at the bottom half of the ISL. The news came as a surprise to some, because in all logicalness, why would you sign for a club languishing in the bottom half of the league? Doesn't it have RELEGATION written all over it? Now, I'm not accustomed to Indonesian football, but usually the bottom two or three clubs would be relegated come the end of the season? But, Safee has other ideas. Quoting his exact words;

"If I join a better team in the ISL itself but just sitting on the bench, not to well" (courtesy of Kosmo Online & Google Translate! Cam haram ko translate.)

To put in a better understanding, no thanks to Google Translate, Safee wanted action straight away. He doesn't want to warm the bench for too long. So by going to Pelita Jaya, a club that is desperate to stay away from relegation, they will use every option they have to make sure that they can survive. And given the additional firepower in Safee Sali, he will be surely put into the test to carry the club out of the relegation zone. Nice analysis thinking bro! 

Dapat no.10 gak. First team la nih konpem!

Another word from the media was that his salary is, get this, a US $ 10,000 per month, regardless of how many time he plays for Pelita Jaya in that month. I mean, WTF! Since when that a salary for an ASEAN football player is that much? I though it was just some rumours about him and the playing state in Indonesia, but seriously, US $10,000 is a lot of money. He can buy a Mercedes SLK if he plays for half a year in Indonesia. Haha. This is something that FAM has to look at. We should have privatize football a long long time ago. If not, our state of football and the M-League could not get higher than what it is now. I mean yes the national team are improving, and god bless Rajagopal for doing a magnificient job, but somehow, somewhere, we have to reach the heights of at least the ISL. Privatization is key. 

Another factor that I think suites the reason of his departure to ISL is the quality of the players. FYI, ISL has a foreign player policy, in which a club can have to a maximum number of seven (I think?) of non-Indonesian players. And being a privatized football club, they can splash any amount of money they want to get a player they deemed. In Pelita Jaya alone, there are six foreign players not including Safee, namely Juan Ramirez (Paraguay), Tomoyuki Sakai & Shibakoya Yuichi (Japan), Walter Benitez (Argentina) and Coulibaly (Mali). Impressive ea? Think any Japanese player want to play in Malaysia if M-League is not privatized? Dream on!

Kalo x nampok, sila click pada gambar yob!

As for Safee Sali, from the bottom of my heart, and I guess I say this to all of the Malaysian football fanatics out there, we hope that you do your best on foreign turf and make sure to bag em goals good! Till then, will be updating in his coming games for Pelita Jaya!

ps : adapun update akhirnya! Haha.
pss : memperkenalkan Manager Pelita Jaya. =)
Sihat sungguh Manager Pelita Jaya nih. =)

QOTD : "I was born in Shanghai. You know Shanghai?"
           "Yeah. I love Japan"

My Peeps!

Watched last night's Champs League game? Neither did I. But they say it was sure full of emotion. And Gatusso really should attend anger-management class, coz he didn't only got physical with the Spurs players, he choked Spurs Assistant Manager, Joe Jordan too. Talk about being stupid! Jeez! Oh, and something for the Rosseneri fans! Go eat shit! Hahaha!

Hello Troll guy!

Ps : Italian Footaball's lame! 

QOTD : I dont hate you! It's just that biologically my body releases unpleasant hormones whenever you're around. Oh wait! That DOES mean I hate you! Oh well.

Salam Peeps.

Aku rasa la kan editor-editor kat Kosmo nih makan gaji buta je la agaknya. Sikit punye tak check kalo ada typo ke or overlapping news ke. Asal bantai report jer. Hai2. Sedih2. Camne la nak capai zero defect nih. Haha.

I can do this all day Kosmo!

Sekian. =)

Ps : Kecewa tiada update? Harap maaf. Akan muncul minggu ini insyallah. 

QOTD :  You know the trouble about real life is? Theres no danger music.
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