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Brunch is not so bad once u've tried.I had it this morning/afternoon.And by the looks of it, my stomach is a bit confius rite now.

Lepak-ing at the faculty is not a bad idea also once you get used to studying under a very-fast moving ceiling fan which someone would mistakenly confused it with a helicopter rotor on backwards. So here I am,after brunch, lepak-ing at level 2 of the Engineering Tower (was it right to capitilise 'E' and 'T'?).

First of all, my deepest and sincere apology due to my absence in the blogging world about 2 month or so. I have plenty of reasons lined up. One of it is my recent lack of ideas and writers block that comes when you spend two month taking up failed papers when other people are enjoying their stupid holidays! (well, the reason it's stupid coz everbody else got to enjoy theirs but me). Anyway, pointless complaining aside, I'm back, for good, Insyallah.

My absence was not without something. I actually have many to tell and discuss in this blog of mine. Noticed the new template? Decided to make it more simplistic. Words, titles and an angel of death on the side.Reason? None. Hey, it's my blog, so live with it. Owh, credit to my friend AisyaKama. She did all the codings and what not. I was never really good at programming thou. Thanx a lot AisyaKama. Heard she's unemployed. Well, hope she finds a job or continues her studies. All the best~

For today's enrty, I would like to discuss on a lacking of a human quality in some of my peeps that I have found to be very very disturbing, COMMITMENT. Yes,yes, I know what you guys are thinking and i promise you this would not be a lecture session given by an unqualified-yet-to-have-a-degree-but-very-good-looking-malay-guy. (Owke, the last part was a bit exxagerated.hehe).

Here's the story. Last night I had a drama gathering session seniors-and-juniors for our weekly practice. Since the coordinator had something else to be 'busied' with, she had ask me to conduct the gathering first. Well, me being who I am, obligated to her wishes in the sake of my COMMITMENT to the drama team that I love (also a bit exxagerated). So I went to this certain 'senior' member of the drama team and asked him to come down and meet the juniors. And this is where the story got pretty hot. His fucking-selfish-very-rude-stupid answer was "MALASLAH!". yeah, "MALASLAH!". What a 'great' show of commitment. The only day I had asked him to come down and meet the juniors but he gave such an answer. I was furios, mad and hating this certain 'senior', all at the same time. With this attitude, no wonder everyone hates you behind your back. Oh? Did I 'accidentally' spill it out. Oh. My bad. So sorry 'senior'.

To let you imagine how mad I was at the time, I came bursting inside his room, throw all his stuff from the table, started cursing him (FUCK YOU! was used more than fifty times.yeah.I counted) and questioned his commitment to the drama team, and give him a fist punch at his nose.Broke it too. But ofcourse, all of that, NEVER HAPPENED. Instead, I stormed down the stairs, kicked the door and said "FUCK YOU senior's name". Of course by the time I said that, I was already on my way to the tennis court for the weekly gathering.He never heard~

So people, commitment is important regardless in whatever thing you want to do. Killing that commitment, you might as well dont give it in the first place. This story might had happened to you but ofcourse with a different version (or similar). But anyway, Im urging you guys to stay committed to things that you had ventured yourself into. Work,Routine,Relationships, even Leisure. Coz once you kill your commitment, you might never know who's cursing you out loud and how many people actually hates you behind your back. Lesson learnt!

Till the next post. C yah!

song of the day : On My Own (Vincent Vincent and The Villians)

ps: YTL still x masuk lagi.Lembab!
pss: Dah lame tak balik rumah.hurm.
psss: ............

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

taking the failed papers~ feel very3 happy when we get the better result after that..fuhh..legaa~~
neway, selamat berpuasa....

**dont dare to co-operate wif people who do nt know what is commitment~mrk itu menyusahkan orang..huhu

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