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post #54 : We will miss you Steve Jobs sir!

Taken from The Wall Street Journal

Salam Ramadhan peeps!

The world was shocked yesterday when a very known innovator & the father of modern attractive technology (U MAD Microsoft?), Steve Jobs, decided to end his reign as Apple's CEO. The question now is : How should the public, APPLEFAGS in particular, should react? First let us ponder on his reasons of resignation shall we?

Steve Jobs : " I hereby resign as CEO of Apple."
*Que APPLEFAGS crying*. There comes a time where even Kings have to surrender their crown. And you gotta say, Jobs time have been calling. He was always on extended leave due to his health related problem. Even after his liver transplant after he was diagnose with pancreatic cancer somewhere in 2004, he never really looked like returning to his former youthful self. Can Steve Jobs continue? Well, of course he can fight his disease and be a ruthless manager that he has known to be. But Steve Jobs is also a normal human being that have limits when it comes to health & living a life. For me, when you have reoccurring health complications that disallows you from performing to the best of your ability, I think it's best that you focus on whats keeping you alive. #justsayin'.

You can read Steve Jobs full resignation letter (or email?) here. Taken from The Wall Street Journal.

Steve Jobs Resignation & Its affect on Apple Inc. future
Report surfaced that 5.4% of Apple Inc. shares drops when the news of Steve Jobs resignation was released in the internet. I'm not an economy or finance major, but when shares goes down, you'll know that it's a bad indication of things to come. But experts have said that this is only temporary, as if Apple contains to be successful as it is now, stocks will go back to normal. But will it? *Que louder APPLEFAGs crying!*

The appointment of Steve Jobs successor is one of the most important thing that Apple needs to do in order to maintain & progress in this ever-changing & challenging world tech-savvy-ruled world. And being the guy that succeed Steve Jobs would not be an easy task. For one, Steve Jobs is irreplaceable, incomparable and by far, the most respected businessman of our generation. 

The story of how Steve Jobs transformed a wrecked Apple Inc back in 1996 to the powerhouse that it is now, is just a famous rag-to.riches story that you tell your pubescent offspring in hopes that they emulate Steve Jobs in a way. LOL! 

So, when Tim Cook, former COO of Apple, was hand-picked by Steve Jobs to succeed him, Jobs decision was questionable. Of course, it was mainly due to the bias of Jobs to suggest his close friend to this vacant post. Hence, the public questions the ability of Tim Cook to emulate Steve Jobs & preserve Apple's superiority. Is he the right man? Well, only time can tell. 

My Reaction?
Apsal nak kecoh sangat APPLEFAGS? Steve Jobs is unhealthy. He's old. He's brilliant, very brilliant, but he's weak. He himself believed that he does not have the ability to thrive Apple forward anymore. So being the brilliant CEO he has been for the past 15 years, he resigned from his position knowing that he can no longer carry the weight of Apple's innovation on his shoulders. So let him leave in peace.

Apple jatuh bila Steve Jobs takde! Ko pikir pakai lutut ke? An established company like Apple Inc, which has consumers all over world, would not collapse as easily as that. Yes Steve Jobs was an innovator like no other. He revolutionized the modern technology, bashing Microsoft in the process, claiming that  “The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste — they have absolutely no taste.” taken here from The Washington Post : Apple, Pixar & inspiring innovations.However, his flair & management style has rubbed of his employees, a thing that might be the hidden factor in Apple's success as a whole. Apple will sustain as a company, because they have a 15 year platform to fall on to in case if anything goes wrong. Plus, Steve Jobs isn't entirely resigning and leaving Apple for good. He will be one of the chairman and oversee the company from a much higher but less influential post. So his voice will still be heard in every Apple's decision. Well, unless if he stays in the ward too much.

Tim Cook tak mampu nak pikul Apple! Eh? Ko sape nak cakap camtuh? Baru follow cerita Apple dua tiga hari lepas dah pandai nak buat claim bukan2! Tim Cook is the COO of Apple Inc. for a reason people. He may not be the public figure that Steve Jobs was, he may be invisible,but he has the ability to succeed Steve Jobs. The only concern is whether he can be the CEO that Steve Jobs was! I mean, Steve Jobs is a one-in-a-century guy. You don't see people like him often. So, the public has to lower its expectation on Tim Cook to be the guy that Steve Jobs was. You can kiss the Apple style presentation goodbye! Probably Apple would hire major advertisement company and make normal ads instead of a expensive presentation of every product that they produced.  Steve Jobs was charismatic, Tim Cook might be the next big thing. Give him time will ya!

Steve Jobs dah takde! Taknak la beli Apple product lagik! Oh, logiknya argument ko! Kalau camtuh takyah la beli barangan SONY gak sebab Akio Morita dah mampos! Tak payah la tumpang member ko naik skuter Suzuki die sebab Michio Suzuki dah mampos! Inspirational founders or chairmans will have to step down (and DIE for that matter!).However the company must move forward with the fundamentals that have been set by the founders/CEO. So its not a problem for the users to continue using Apple's product. 

Steve Jobs has done an exceptionally great things for Apple. And his presence will be missed. But as I said, Apple is not Steve Job, and Steve Job is not Apple. Apple will survive regardless.

To Steve Jobs, hats off to you sir. How you did it back in 1996, will be an inspiration for a younger generation to emulate. Thank you for bringing such a flawless technology into our lives. 


Naqiu said...

apple presentation still go on. there is WWDC every year, n its been tradition to all technology company to give presentation of their product. HTC done that. Sony done that. cme x segempak jobs's "distorted reality" jek. n expected next keynote would be not as awesome as ever, but it still exist. we will be waiting for the next iphone 5 n 4s keynote :)

Muhammad Tarmizi bin Kamaruddin said...

Steve Tells Bill About His Resignation At Apple

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