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post #49 : Keeping up the football spirit in Ramadhan

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Salam Ramadhan peeps,

Seems like there's so many things in the world happening in parallel, that in the moment of it all, we somehow miss that little story that shows the triumph of the human spirit in a month full of challenges & rewards.

Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan has an enrollment of a majority of Muslim students every year. And like any other American high school, they are a passionate bunch when it comes to American football. You know, the one that they say is the "real" football as oppose to the football that we know all around the world, although I despise their definition of "real" in this case. Haha. 

Even so, they have the most efficient system when it comes to their main sport of football, basketball and baseball. Try finding that in a Malaysian schools, and you'll only be left disappointed.    

The inspiring story however comes from the spirit of the team to achieve full fitness and preparation for the coming season by practicing full hours in the night from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. It just shows us that we should never accused Ramadhan, saying it's limiting our movement. Instead, Ramadhan should be the caused of a hike in will power to achieve what we want. After all, Ramadhan multiplies our rewards for each deeds that is done. So why not got that extra mile? 

In the words of Rashid Ghazi, There is nothing more American than high school football. It just so happens, he said, that this all-American story is set in an area with hijabs, mosques and baklava rather than baseball caps, churches and apple pie. 

Btw, Happy Ramadhan my peeps.

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