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post #53 : Five things we learned : Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspurs

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Salam Ramadhan peeps!

Before I move on with this entry of another five things we learn from the weekend, do you smell that? 


Well, the smell is very strong here.

Wanna know what smells?



Without any further introduction on this week Monday's fixture, it ended MANCHESTER UNITED 3 v 0 TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS! Glory glory Man United! Yeah!

Spurs bashing aside, Monday's match was an eye-opener to a number of crucial points that both team should ponder on. So, as always, five things that we learned from the winner in the Theatre of Dreams;

1. A young squad, A sound squad.

Well to be frank, I think Fergie has a thing or two for young boys. (Fergie's a pedophile?) NO, you idiot! Not THAT kind of affection! On Monday Fergie lined up a very young team (minus Evra!). With Ferdinand being himself, fragile as ever, and Captain Vida out for about 3 weeks, Chris Johny Evans & Phil Jones paired up in the center with Smalling performing as right back where he has excelled for the past two games. Even with such a young squad, they've managed to brush aside a Spurs team with the likes of Gareth Bale, Rafael Van Der Vaart & Jermain Defoe. A young squad, a sound squad? It sure looks like it now.

2. Crouch IN, Defoe OUT.

Redknapp didn't play his chess well for the game that day. Defoe never really look a threat because the ball never came to him, Van Der Vaart & Bale were shutdown a lot, with the latter being marked by Smalling tightly. So the solution? Throw your tallest striker in there, and ask your fullback to support in attack by whipping crosses inside the United box every time you have the ball. The logic is simple. United were very vulnerable in their back line. They have two center halves who has just started playing with each other, and both lack in height when compared to the towering Crouch. Have VDV make late runs into the box during those crosses and you have the recipe to unsettle the United defence. Not that hard now right Redknapp?

3. The Spurs Old Trafford Curse!

Spurs just can't win at Old Trafford with Harry Redknapp in charge.  It has been 8 years since the last time Spurs taste the sweet liquor called Viva Victory at Old Trafford and it's pretty sure to stay that way for a very long time.

4. De Gea still a vulnerable asset.

Coming into this game with his first two criticized with his lack of presence in his own box, David De Gea was pretty much the main talking point. Although we can clearly see the change in his game, as he was more relaxed & assertive between his post, there were times that it seems we question his 16 million pound valuation. Still not the best game from the young Spaniard, and he's clean sheet was thanks to Spurs poor finishing.

5. Rafael VDV only knows how to blast the ball from deep.

He was pretty stupid for an experienced player. We all know that De Gea was vulnerable, and the pressure was on him not to concede an easy goal three games in a row, but to underestimate him by having shots from deep is just stupid! He's a Manchester United player my friend, and to think that you can beat him by blasting from 30-yards out is disrespectful. And to do it every time you have the ball is just wasted opportunity.

Its late. I know.I was busy.Unlike you, I have a life. Hehe.

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