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post #51 : Five things we learn : Manchester United, Manchester City & Sergio Aguero

Salam Ramadhan peeps, 

Upon writing this post, I know its been 2 days since the opening game of both Manchester United & Manchester City (on which will be known as CITEH from this point on because I'm too disgusted to write the full name). And both games have been meaningful more or less. But being very unbiased, I've got to say that Citeh prove to give a more prominent and dominating show of football last Monday as compared to Manchester United. But of course, you are expected of that when you play a team that have only made their English Premier League debut. 

Here are the five main things that we can learn from both the match of Manchester United v West Bromich Albion and Citeh v Swansea City.

1. David De Gea : the next Fabian Barthez?
David De Gea ( pronounced DE-HEA, not DE-JEA, you ignorant-to-spanish-culture bastards!), might be a promising goalkeeper when he donned the colours of the Red & White stripes of Atletico Madrid, but making his move to Manchester, he seems to have been struggling in the Red of the Devils. But of course, from only two games that he has started, its too quick to jump to a conclusion. But history has pointed this time and time again. Remember Fabian Barthez? Well, he too was poised as a successive replacement to the Great Dane Shmeichel, but what a flop he was. Even with the experience of winning the World Cup with France in 1998, he crack under pressure when it comes to comparing him with Shmeichel. So one can only ponder on the thought, is David De Gea the next Fabian Barthez?

2. Rio Ferdinand is an asset with a very close expiration date.
He showed us once again that his body could not take a full game like he used to anymore. He is a magnificent player in his prime, but at 32 years old, with United challenging in all major competitions, it might be too much to asked from him. But of course having young players like Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, & Johny Evans helps in depth, his experience will be missed when it comes to games that matters The solution? Have United's physios patch him up to good use or let the young players suck his experience before its too late.

3. Ashley Young also knows how to make his debut. 
Got two assists ( Rooney's goal & Reid's own goal), made a lot of darting runs towards the touchline, whipped in a lot of crosses inside the penalty area, made Steven Reid cry at the end of the game, and plus he looks more menacing in red. 

4. Citeh is talking the talk, walking the walk.
Apart from being 'violent' in its football revolution, Mancini has also been very patient in developing a genuine team that can challenge the spot for football supremacy. Backed by the riches of the over-spending sheikhs, Citeh has proven to have what it takes when it comes to winning the game that they're suppose to win to exert pressure to United title defence. 'Rioting' to a 4-0 win in the expense of Premier League newbies Swansea, more of the same will be expected throughout the campaign. With Liverpool & Chelsea both experiencing a revolution of their own, this could be a very very mouthwatering season indeed. 

5. A reason to start being really afraid : Sergio 'Kun' Aguero

With only 31 minutes under his belt in the English Premier League, he has already made such an impact that made Sir Alex Ferguson's head turn so fast, his neck snapped and die! What a metaphor! Regardless of his opponent, he was way beyond the other 21 pair of legs in the field that night. Move over Carlos Tevez, we have a new Argentine to hate & abuse! 

Didn't have the chance to watch the first Clasico this season. To my horror, Astro didn't aired the match. Plus my internet connection that night was bollocks! Arghhh!!!


gamep01nt said...

Bollocks. british british! way to go ayed

Faisal Rasyid Roslan said...


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