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somebody had betrayed my friendship.and i really dont like it.


i think the title speaks clearly of my frustration. yes, somebody had betrayed my friendship. and i clearly hate this part right here.

friendship is an unspoken oath taken between two people or more when we decide to take that person into our life and make em a part of us. friendship is that magical bond that separates the familiars and the strangers. friendship would differentiate, if i may, in a football field, a simple thru pass that would let the forward to score a wonderful goal between an awkward pass that ends up to far up and thru the opposition line of the field.

that particular somebody was someone who i managed to build my trust on. shared every dark secrets. told every sacred stories. and gossip on hot girls in campus. he made a good impression as a FRIEND. ow yes he did. but unfortunately, an event, or may i say, an action he did on purpose gets to my conscience and i realize how fatal that action can be to this friendship that we had build upon.

the action, which he had done, was really unbareable, stupid, disgusting and most of all, had entirely wipe out all my trust and respect for him. and as if the action he had committed wasnt stupid enough, he denied any wrongdoings to me. he even made up a very very immature, stupid and unforgivable excuse! as if i didn't know what he did under my conscience. What makes him think that i'm as stupid as him to believe his crap??

Unbelieveble. Its f**ked up that he did that to me ON PURPOSE and UNDER HIS SICK-CONSCIENCE-F**KED-UP MIND, he even had the balls to make up a crap story to cover his blunder, ow wait, his ridiculous action. Oh my god! U sick pervert! i had never came across a sick guy like you who have the guts to do this sick thing to your own friend? I am in disgust with him. Now and forever.

Probably, he never understood the word friendship coz he's just plain stupid and thinks that whatever he do to any of his friends is in their best intention. yeah. keep up the F**KED-UP work you've been doing and do what you did to me to your other friends. Owh, and I really hope that your friend(s) would not know this F**KED-UP thing you did to me. coz i'm pretty sure if they get to know the real you and things you've done, they wont even have second thoughts to discard them from their life coz you dont cherish FRIENDSHIP and you cant have their TRUST. you dont deserve mine. and I know you wont give any care in the world, but thing is, you're just sick and your hypocritism would lead you nowhere.

at present, he's presence is just another nobody in my life and i'm treating him the way he is suppossed to be treated.

before i end up with more cursing word for this traitor, i think i better stop here. he deserves all the trashing, but you guys ( my readers) deserves none of this.

FRIEDNSHIP is based on TRUST.and from this moment onwards, we would have none. thank you soo much for making me realize that people like you was a mistake to be made a friend in the first place.


Anonymous said...

dikhianati?...take time gak nk handle prob nie...pe2 pn idup kena truskan..

ayeDo Roslan said...

iyea.sedih.nak bwat camne chekgu.huhuhu.

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