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somebody please give me a time machine!



i am so begging those rocket scientist that has work their butts of for the modernization of technology and for using the application of science, to make me a godamn time machine!

please oh please oh please.

i want to make up for the time i thrown out the window. for the time that i shud have been studying rather than sleeping. for the time that i should indulge myself in books and not in front of facebook. for the time i had wondering around in shopping malls, instead of in a library memorizing crucial formulas and theories.

please oh please oh please.

i am in the brink of desperation and time is not on my side. help me god, for i beg of extra strength and a pinch of determination to help mr through this jungle of work-and-no-play.

time is life.never waste it.


aisyahkama said...

i hv an extra time... u want some? :)

Anonymous said...

Pesal dh lame x update blog? eh?

ayeDo Roslan said...

aisya : sure.gimme!

iskandar2008 : agakla.hehe,

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