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post #31 : The Red Devils-Gunners Encounter

Good Morning Peeps!

At the time this entry is written, the word is already out. Manchester United has once again shown Arsenal what they're made off by clinching a crucial 1-0 victory. A slim victory, but nonetheless a victory as well. I guess it's been a while since i've blog about football and Manchester United in particular, so let this be an opportunity for me to gloat over those sorry Arsenal fans. =). 

The line-up was pretty weird this time around. Coz despite playing at home, United lined up 4-5-1 with Rooney upfront leading the pack. 

---------Van Der Sar------------

Plus, the on-form Berbatov wasn't in the starting line-up which bid the question why? He scored five freaking goals last time out against Blackburn, and he doesn't start the next game? Kejam giler Ferguson! 

The first half of the game, Rooney seems to be ineffective operating alone upfront with both Squillaci and Koscielny harassing him everytime he has the ball on his feet. Therefore, he seems to misplace many of his pass due to the extra pressure. This wouldn't happen if Ferguson paired Rooney with Berbatov upfront. However, the absence of Berba was not felt much as Anderson was on-form. He was the perfect attacking midfielder tonight. He wins the ball, he dribbles into the box, also manages to get a shot away though didn't worry the keeper much.

Nani, the magic that he is, produce some great display. Through balls here and there, quick crosses into the box, some stepovers-tak-jadik (LOL!) and some terrorizing runs in the right flank. He's brilliant but his decision making ability is still in question though. But no worries, plenty of time to develop yeah!

Enuff said, here's my rating for tonight's game.

Edwin Van Der Sar [6.5] - Wasn't threaten by the Arsenal attacks. Although almost gave away a goal when his instinctive save came to the path of Chamakh. Nonetheless, performed what was needed of him

Nemanja Vidic [7.5] - Showed why he is the club captain with an amazing display of his defensive duties. Gave Chamakh and Van Persie a night to forget at Old Trafford. 

Rio Ferdinand [6.5] - Not at his best yet but did a fine job in restricting his opponents room to develop their football. Tore Sagna's shirt off with his studs. Totally barbaric!

Patrice Evra [6.5] - Linked up with Park well enough on the left flank. Almost all of his time were spent supporting the attack. Was late in returning to his defensive duties and was almost exposed to the brilliance of Nasri and Walcott. Think we need to look for another reliable left-back before he runs out of steam.

Rafael Da Silva [7.0] - Develop fruitfully under Ferguson's guidance. He's one tough nut to crack tonight. Kept Arshavin in his pocket almost the entire game. Did well defensively although need to work on offensively.

Darren Fletcher [6.0] - Not much contribution tonight. Won some ball here and there, but thats just about it.

Michael Carrick [5.5] - Flop of the match for me. He gave away the ball far too cheaply. His crosses has been awful. Misplaces pass so many times. Was weird why Ferguson didn't subbed him halfway through.

Anderson [8.0] - The next boy wonder. He hassles, he dribbles, he runs, he made the defensive line a living hell. His balls were brilliant, he used his upper body strength well to win possession. He linked up with Rooney well at times. Definitely the best player for me tonight!

Nani [7.0] - Menacing little winger! Did what he does best! Terrorizing the right flank at will. Goes down too easily at times. Probably took drama class from countrymen Ronaldo. 

Park Ji-Sung [7.0] - The duracell rabbit! Work tirelessly up the flanks and sometimes find space in the middle. Great goal from a freak header! Got the job done!

Wayne Rooney [7.0] - He missed a penalty tonight. Not something you expect from the lad but he did well alone upfront although I strongly believe he could do better with Berba by his side!

Sub : Ryan Giggs [6.5] - Was brought very late in the game for Anderson. Didn't do much. 

That said, we are now on top of the table. Suck it Carlo Ancelotti and Arsene Wenger! Hahaha! Next stop, Battle at the Bridge!

ps : Aku rasa ini sebab kenapa Berba tak maen malam tadik! Tee hee~


daud said...

komen lain sume da best,
gambar last budus. haha

ayeDo Roslan said...

dude.takkan nak serius jer.haha.aku nk buat gamba2 budus nh sebagai trademark aku untk ulasan bola.amacam?ade identiti tak blog aku?hahah.

daud said...

identiti ada,
tp entry sebulan skali wat entiti je la. huhu

ayeDo Roslan said...


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