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post #29 : Quick update before class~

Hello peeps! What is up! 

......that sounds funny......

Anyway, a very quickie update on things i deem important that has been happening throughout the weekends. 


I mean, really? Another fightback when we're leading? Really? Another dejavu from Goodison Park? Nani, I love you! You're were brilliant. You setup one goal and scored the other. But during the last minutes of the games you've completely lost it. Can't you keep you composure for the full f**king 90 minutes? I know you're know Cristiano Ronaldo, but worth something to the team. And if you don't tick, you can't ask lazy-bum-Berbatov to do all the work. 

Berba, you're a good player. We paid you 32.5 million pounds to get your ass into Old Trafford and do the magic you always do back at White Hart Lane. And for a f**king 32.5 million pounds, you should be doing the magic week in and week out. God dammit!

Van Der Sar, what happen to you old man? got butterfingers? forgot how to catch a ball already? want me to slap you in the face that it shakes your brain so hard that you would then remember the RIGHT way to catch a ball?

Chicarito, you're a bless to the devils. You kinda resembles the hardworking Tevez albeit with less muscle and a cute babyface ( did I say cute? I meant manly! )

The next game is against Stoke at Brittania. And if you flunk this game again, I am sooo gonna slaughter each and everyone of you except Chicarito~


As reported by any football media throughout the world, it seems that the word are well to be true. A spat with Sir Alex has put Rooney's contract talks on hold. It is sad but I wont miss him much. I mean if he stays but perform as he did during the last game, then I won't mind him leaving for Santiago Bernabeu or Camp Nou

Here's a link about the news. Thank you KOSMO Online!


If you dunno who's TaeYang is then google him. Here's a glimpse of what my hair would be somewhere in the future. Exact date is unknown. =)

ps : Sorry for the EFF words. Im pretty emotional when it comes to football. =P
pss : Tak bayar fees lagi. Matilarh~
psss : dua paper exam this week. =)


s h e said...

Taeyang so hot okeyh!! btul2!suka gila rmbt dia. bad boy gila XD!

*gila excited nmpk gmbr taeyang*

ayeDo Roslan said...

as usual, shee. =P

kalo aku buat rambut taeyang ade cam babdboy tak?

Zawani Zainudin said...

u'r interested in taeyang's haircut or u'r exactly a big fan of him?? just wondering ;)

ayeDo Roslan said...

people please..
im only interested in his haircut.
although im a big fan of korean music~

daud said...

apsal seibuk2 taeyenag ni?
man u beb,
pe nak jadi ngan man u ni,
dah muak aku, asyik seri je.
jgn biar aku muak cam muak ngan team mesia.
nnt kita ramai2 tgk bundes league lak a

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