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post #28: Malaysian Law is redundant!

Hello Malaysians. Also hello to any non-Malaysian readers. 

The Sosilawati Murder case. Heard of the new progress? Well, it turns out that some were outraged by what the court has decided to give two of the accomplice.

Helping to burn the bodies + Scatter the remains in a river + Hiding the murder weapons ARE only equal to a 7 years in prison. In which if they behave good, will allow them to go out early. I mean what the hell?

Is this how it's gonna be for any similar cases? They help to murder people, innocent people for god sake! Shouldn't they at least be given similar penalties to that of murder? The legal system in this country is redundant for all I care. 

For the rest of the story, here's the link. thanks KOSMO Online!


DAUD said...

kena camtu je?
biar benar, 7 tahun je?

ayeDo Roslan said...

yup.nampak gaya camtuh la.
nak appeal pun tak gune sebab hakim da putuskan. hadoi. pelik aku. camnih aku nk "TOLONG" bunuh ko la daud. dapat 7 tahu je dlm penjara pastuh boleh kuar dengan happynye. =)

hanchun said...


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