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post #71 : Only in Malaysia, you'll get paid to be educate!

Dudes & Dudettes,

I love our government. 

I love our government because in the midst of all of these bewildering economy, there is still some hope for the people in need.

There has been a lot of schemes develop under DS Najib's government, BR1M the latest in its foray. Thou headlines have been made on the certain selfish and immoral Malaysians that took advantage on these poor people, collecting RM50 fees for the BR1M form and what not. 

Selfish people aside, yesterday I've read something on the news that makes me raised my hopes on the government once more. 

SJK (C) Aik Hua is a Chinese Primary School located in Pasir Hitam, nearby Taiping, Perak. Now, I've never been in Perak, much less Pasir Hitam, but from what is described, the population in Pasir Hitam has been decreasing throughout the years as modern families have opted to live in more urban areas. This has resulted in the decline of students intake for the SJK (C) Aik Hua which will force them to close down the institution. 

Hearing the situation in Pasir Hitam, Mrs.Hasisah, a single Malay mother of 10 came all the way from Penang and enrolled her three children to SJK (C) Aik Hua, given them a lifeline to operate the school once more. 

Notifying this matter, MCA Bukit Gantang has acted to help Mrs. Hasisah and decided to give each of her children a RM 300 monthly allowance so that she can make the necessary arrangement to move to Perak to be with her three children. Besides that, the PTA of the school also offered a RM 150 monthly allowance to each pupil that enrolls in the school. Doing the math, Mrs. Hasisah gets RM 1350 nett a month just for sending her children to school. 

This is before adding in the allowance that Mrs. Hasisah will receive from the Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat once they've heard her plight. Plus other NGO's that admires Mrs.Hasisah's credibility and will to travel all the way to Perak for the betterment of her children & the school, will also make financial contributions no less.

I'm no genius, but when you have these kinda stories, makes you feel that even with lots of frauds, corruptions & embezzlement bits you hear involving government officials and Malaysian politicians, there are still some humanity left in them. 

Until the time where humanity prevails greediness, I wish all the best for DS Najib & co. 

source theSun

ps : Got 2 weeks before my final finals. Yes, I used final twice because this would be my last & final semester exams! Yipppie!


DAUD said...

bukan dapat sekali je ke?

DAUD said...

aku da update, mari la baca.

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