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post #68 : Suarez oh Suarez.

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Dude & Dudettes,

SOURCE : sokerbocor

To those yang tak follow footie, Luis Suarez telah digantung 8 perlwanan first team domestik & disaman dengan amaun ciput 40k pound sterling. Now bagi Koppies, ini penangan yang maha hebat. Almaklumlah, 8 game kot? banyak yang boleh berlaku dalam 8 game. Tu belom kire kekalau die injured or homesick lak tetibe kan? Tu belom kire tetibe mak die suroh balik sebab jiran sekampung suroh masuk meminang anak dara depa? ye tak?

Lets see the 8 matches that Suarez will miss shall we?

He's not missing much now does he?

Well, to be honest, I don't think Liverpool will need to worry not having him for 8 games. I can see only 2 crucial games yang Suarez will be missed which are v Newcastle (H) & v Manchester City (A). Yang lain sumer adalah games yang Liverpool should be winning. Yes diorang jumpa balik City dalam Carling Cup but lets face it, its not a competition worth risking any of your first team players kan? Well, unless for Macnini la sebab diorang berlambak World Class players yang men 2nd team. Though Stoke might have a way to get something from their meeting with Liverpool, tapi main kat Anfield kot so The Kops should drown them out. 

All in all, I believe this is a good action by the English FA. So hopefully John Terry pon terima nasib yang samelah dgn spat die with Anton Ferdinand. Kalo Suarez dapat 8 game ban, Terry haruslah dapat 16 game ban sebab die English and die lagi faham tentang bahana racism daripada Suarez yang pramatang! LOL!

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