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post #69 : Rooney always the one to makes us smile. =)

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Dude & Dudettes,

I was eager to watch Man Utd play Fulham today cause it has been a while since I've watch a football match. Due to work & classes, my body can't seem to find that extra energy to stay up & watch football. Thou, some of the time, the match clashes with my working hours. 

Anyway, woke up as early as, AND I'M NOT KIDDING, 4.00 a.m. today just to catch the game. And what a game it was. 5-0 was the final score, all by different players, and a cheeky back heel by Berba to pin the coffin for Fulham in the 88th minute. Scream like a girl when he did so! 

Anyways, I'm to sleep-deprived to write the analysis of the game, so here's a video of Rooney being the oblivious Scouse that he is. Enjoice!

ps : Even with Suarez, Liverpool can't get a win away at Wigan. Imagine not having him for 8 games staright? SMMMMIIIILLLLEEEEEE!

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