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Percy Jackson : The next Harry Potter

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Assalamualaikum wbt and whaddup?

Its the last day of my Chinese New Years Holiday today, and i spend it well. Owh soo well. How did I spend it? By watching a good movie of course!

Living in Kuantan, without any own transportation, relying on the public transportation is just a waste of Money. Seriously, RM 8.00 for a 5 minutes cab ride? Yeah. And I thought cab in Johore are a pain in the buttocks.

Well, straight to the point, Percy Jackson & The Olympians : The Lightning Thief was not a disappointment at all! It would be worth every penny and the 2 hours more or less spend freezing inside the cinema hall. Here's a list of things that I really like about the movie ;

1. It's about Olympian Gods and Olympus. I'm a myths freak. So gimme anything that have Greek Gods, Vampires, Werewolves, Megan Fox and I'll be sure to watch while drooling!

2. It was directed by Chris Columbus, the director of the first two Harry Potter movies. And he's a damn good director when it comes to myths and magic!

3. I've read the book somewhere during my matriculation year, and the thought of it being a movie just got me berserk!

the book!

4. Annabeth daughter of Athena is a one hot demi-god. yum3!

her eyes makes you don't wanna see another in a million years~

5. Logan Lerman a.k.a Percy Jackson looks a bit like Zac Efron without the buffed body. Impressed! But with electric blue eyes!

not so blue in this picture thou~

6. There's a series of Percy Jackson coming up so cant wait!

So for those who haven't watch this masterpiece, I'll say go get your jacket, start your engine, go to the nearest cinema (GSC/ TGV regardless) and pay RM 10.00. Trust me, worth it!

ps : spent the holiday at shah alam for Arol's wedding. Berbahagialah Hazrul and Wada!

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