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Assalamualaikum wbt & good day to all~

The weekend is already in it's final hours. Kak Yati had promised me to a karaoke tonight but seems like her promise is only a promise need not to be granted. haish~
Anyhow, I have found time to update this humble page of mine and I decided, if i want to write better write something that is worth knowing rather than some rants and random gossips.

Malaysian Weekly will be a part of my blog from this moment on that discusses things that happens domestically be it politics, crimes, general news and the juiciest,SPORTS! yeah!

Lets jump to sports for this weekend as some juicy stuff is boiling on!


The Young Tigers, Malaysian under 19 football squad, has been granted a league to play in after denied entry into the S-League (Singaporean football? There's hardly home-grown Singaporean in the national team!)and the Super League (more like Shitty League if you ask me). They'll be playing European football in the Slovak League! yeah! eat that you Singaporean sucka! But there's a twist in the deal. The Young Tigers is just merely replacing a team that has withdrawn from the league due to financial reasons. Well hopefully this is for the best of Malaysian football!

Go Young Tigers!

In badminton, Datuk Lee Chong Wei looks in hot form as he wins the Malaysian Open. Lin Dan beware!

Tiup aper tuh Datuk?

The best story of all in sports is another scandal. Regionally far but football is a common language don't you think? Terry-Bridge scandal! John Terry of Chelsux FC has been in a scandal with Wayne Bridge now ex-girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel. Regarding the event, John Terry has been stripped off his England captaincy by Capello himself. I got to ask why does all the high paid sportsmen (remember Tiger Woods?) have to have sex with some other girl when they can just switch girlfriends/wives with the money he has so it can be a legal thing? Guess scandal are part of famous sportsmen life ea?


But I personally don't blame Terry. Who doesn't fall for a lingerie model this HOT!

Intorducing Vanessa Perroncel! HOT!HOT!HOT!

ps: updates coming by tomorrow!
pss: i love showing picture of hot girls.haha
psss: someone said that me being vocal in English affects my spoken Malay? What the F?

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