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In praise of our superwomen

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Assalamualaikum wbt & whaddup?!

Being an obedient and a loyal reader of The New Strait Times, I always find that their opinion columns to be the article that i look forward to read each post. Last sunday's opinion column didn't dissapoint.

Here is part of the article I wish to share to all my followers, taken from The NST dated 24th January 2010, page 28;

By Leslie Andres

Perhaps one of the greatest insults a person can say is: "He/she has a face only a mother can love!". Speaks volume doesnt it? Really brings out our visions of people who are so hideous that everyone but their own mothers would cringe at the sight.Insult though it may be, it does highlight one other thing - that a mother's love knows no bounds.

Stories abound about what mothers have done for their children - how they have toiled so that their children could live better lives. Indeed, how they do everything in their power to protect them.

In August 2007, a week after little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin went missing, her mother Norazian Bistaman cried out that she was willing to sacrifice everything to get her child back.

"A mother would surely have her heart crushed when her beloved child is not by her side. I cry the moment I think of what has happened," she was reported as saying.

Coming back to the present, one article in the New Straits Times on friday illustrated the extent of a mother's love clearly.

Saharah Atan lost her parents, her husband and one of her daughters in a single day. It is probable that they died within a short span of time, although when the suspect in the case was brought to court, the charge sheet read that the man had allegedly committed the murders between 7am and 11am on Jan 5.

To lose your parents, husband and daughter in one blow, so to speak, is terrible enough for anyone. But to find that the main suspect is your own son is quite another thing. Let's not go into whether or not Rasidi Ismail is guilty of the gruesome murders of his own family members. That is a matter for the courts to decide.

Let's instead focus on how a mother has to contend with the fact that her son has been accused of killing his sibling, father and grandparents. Yet here is a woman who says she will stand by her 32-year-old son and be there every day of his trial, even if it dragged on for years.

"I still love him, just as I have before. None of us can ever hate him as he had always been a loving son and brother. He was always willing to sacrifice anything to ensure our happiness."

Those were Saharah's words, that of a mother.

It's a little early, perhaps. But who says we have to wait till Mothers Day to appreciate these superwomen.

ps: Tears came rolling the first time I finished reading this.Haha!
pss: have you called your mom yet today?

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