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:: I used to rule the world, Seas would rise if I gave the word ::

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Ever heard of the title? If you're a big Coldplay fan, you'll notice that that's the first line of Coldplay's single, Viva La Vida. The song is about how once a great king of Jerusalem now de-throne and left with only memories of once his great kingdom.

Same as a feeling I felt these couple of days. Was browsing through Facebook when I stumbled upon a picture with some of my juniors tagged in it. And then it came to me, Pesta Puisi Dayasari (PPuD). Once a small sub-project under JKP Kesenian & Kreatif, now have blossomed into one of the most awaited project in 5th College, thanks to the revolutionary idea of Achap and Supee, together with the brilliant lot he recruited.*ehem* the writer included *ehem*. Looking at all of those pictures posted on Muzammil's profile, I came to realize one thing.

That my juniors, are not so juniors anymore. That now they are the frontline of what once was apart of my struggle. That now they can stand without me helping them to stand up. How I felt I was turning old far too fast. I applaud them over how they managed to handle a project, better than how I handled mine.

My deepest congratulations to Ummi Salhah Masseren, for her determination to continue the Halusinasi tradition. My deepest congratulations to Muzammil Sahjamal, for his brilliance in running a very busy JKP in what seems to be a dysfunctional selection of this session's JTK (esmai, settina and muzzamil excluded).

I'm glad to see that there was not many faces inside the PPuD line up that I see familiar from the previous installment, noting that this year's line-up was fresh. And still managed to go as planned. Although I was absent that night, I know that you guys did well. Judging from smiles from the pics, I'm pretty sure you guys did a good job.

Even so, don't expect this king to be de-throne easily. I will stake a claim in the hot seat come next session. If all goes well, you might never know whose face you'll see up in the JTK Board. =)

My seniority is fading. Time for them to take the mantle, for now.

Oh, here's the pic.

credit to muzammil sahjamal

Ever p/s : Ummi, you and your team did a great job. Hopefully, you've picked the right person for the job come next session yeah?. My congratz to all!

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