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Post #18 : The truth about being Malaysian. part 1.

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Weird that even at a 6 hours drive up north to Kuantan, some things are pretty much the same as in Johor Bahru. Some Malaysians are still being Malaysians. I used to have the idea that when we're in a different area/city/state, things would be a whole lot different. But you can't get that in Malaysia though. No matter how far you go, if you're still inside the country, people still behave the same around here.
Malaysians has been a victim for many stereotypes far too long. And given the nature, none of em' seems to be worried about how people from neighboring countries. Sad but true, I guess some times, we just can shove the truth.
In my next post, will try to highlight these stereotypes that has been synonymous to Malaysians. Till then...

ps: this post will enrage some quarters but i am only voicing out what i see and feel.
pss: long gap from last post was due to laptop and phone was stolen.Pity, yes. But it's no use crying over spill milk.

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