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Revolutionizing the Revolutionaries

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Assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia!

*the greeting was politically cheeky*

i'm soooo damn back to the blogging world people.and this time its for real.(i've been saving to say this for like 3 month already). my last post was dated way back in 29th august 2009. today it's 26th october 2009. 2 month with no updates. sooo sorry u guys! (as if you have any avid readers lar~).

apologies aside, i will revolutionize my blog starting from tonight and things will change around here. first of all, u might see that the template is neat and nice. all credit to miss aisyah kamaruddin. better known as 'AisyahKama' in the blogsphere. (i owe her cheese nan)

in addition, i will have and update duration to my blog. meaning that i will update the blog on a fixed time basis. (and i realli do hope that i will obey this!).for every one week, there will be at least two blog post on issues randomly selected by yours truly. this is due to the fact that i like to postpone what i want to put in here until in the end i keep delaying till i forgot what i wanted to put in the first place.

next, my blog will consist of two sections.yes,ONLY two sections per post. the first and main section will be a general post in which it will consists of serious issues. ( i consider football as a very serious issue so live with it!lol~). i will post on issues mostly on football, on being malaysian, on politics,etc. however, for the 2nd and minor post, it will be a post of personal progress on studies, engineering projects or anything that i do which only would effect myself and those very close around me.

like the 2part blog idea? i sure hope u do coz i've put some thoughts on this and its gonna be awesome!

for today, my post will end here due to the fact that its already 6pm and the gym is calling. it was nice to blog again.well, c ya!

ps im in my study week.this means i will update every progress i did thruout the day in the hope that it'll be a push for me to finish studying b4 my paper starts.

pss dad is in KL.i have to play nice AGAIN.pfffft~

song of the day : viva la vida (coldplay)

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