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politically, i'm a malaysian.(Part 1)

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Assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia!

*again with the cheeky political greeting.can't help myself*

This is the first post for week 5 of october. the 2nd post is due before monday. for those of you who dont know what im talking about, i have restricted myself to write atleast two post per week in order to give life to this lifeless blog i have.


anyhuu, as the title may have highlighted it to you, i've decided to touch on malaysian politics for this post, as scary as it may sound. to talk about politics in malaysia, openly that is, not the "dalam kain" one, is taboo. u might never know when ISA is gonna creep into your room and put you in a ransack and beating the hell out of you before the media can even caught up with it. Reminds me of a movie i liked. " V for Vendetta". Seen dat movie? Its a movie in which the hero is an anarchist and a criminal to the government. In which that the hero tries to find a way to change the current totalitarian british government. ofcourse the sad part was the hero was not that all good-looking, in fact he didnt even show his face throughout the movie coz he's busy pretending to be Guy Fawkes. pfffft~

well, movie reviewing aside, its the current scene im worried about. Being a true-blue Malaysian, its always in your interest to know the current on-goings in your country, especially if you live in the capital of the country. Ofcourse, you can find a lot of Malaysians that gives no shit to the current political scene, some doesnt even know whose the current ministers in what-departments. i'll bet they dont even know whose the Dewan Rakyat's speaker too. hurm, i pity these oblivious type of malaysians.coz when shit happens all they can do, and are very good at is to blame the government, when in the 1st place its them who dont give a shit. how selfish ek kadang2 malaysians can be...

there's been a lot going on inside malaysia currently, and a lot of it does not involve the Malaysia Cup. (Kelantan is favourites by the way). Its about how the two main political bodies, BN and the Pakatan is painting our front page every now and then.

The current tussle of power in MCA is still ongoing despite media pressure.PM feels that its best to let them settle their own problems and stay united whilst still gains the trust of Chinese and Malaysians in a whole. Gimme a break! They can't even settle their own problem, how do you expect them to tackle problems inside the chinese community? I mean, the PM must step inside and resolve this power struggle once and for all. Its beginning to bore the rakyat and the chinese community in particular.If the people who were SUPPOSE to represent them is fighting over matters that can be solved with just pure understanding, what affect do they give to the rakyat? what virtues of a true politician are they showing? The blaming game is undone. thus it must be intervene by a higher authority. If BN can't solve the problems of parties in their own side, who else can and would?

the Pakatan has it shares of stories as well. Lately, there have been soo many party leaders who have lost confidence in their party and decided to jump ships or be independent. Todays NST reports that two PKR leaders in Sabah have lost confidence in the leadership and decided to resign from their post. The story is no different inside PAS. PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa was accused of being problematic by Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz despite Nasharuddin was appointed to the seat by an overwhelming majority. A trust issue even in a party that was supposedly to ber'pakat' for the rakyat? something is terribly wrong here and the rakyat is in jeopardy.

hoping that these problems is resolved throuhgout the years to come before the next general election. Cause when the next GE comes, the rakyat would already know who to choose and who to ditch. hopefully all is in the best cause for Malaysians.

Salam 1Malaysia!


as promised, two titles in one post. Hehe. jimat masa, ruang, and most of all my neurons. anyhuu, starting from today onwards the 2nd post will bare the title (as seen in bold above) due to the fact that the 2nd post will be about me. Boring? yes. Should you read it? in case if you have the time, what the hell.

i had other ideas at first to start this part of the post but i think i'll share a little story about how a visit from my dad last wednesday made me think about who am i in the future. Last monday, dad had a management conference in KL and would last untill wednesday. He said he would come and see me once the conference is over. So come wednesday, he called me and wanted to take me out to dinner. I thought it was only me and dad that night but due to the lack of time as dad was due in office the next day in JB, he decided to call his business partner along as they had some things to discuss. Was a bit frustrated that dad was still in business mood even when i'm here, but i took that he's doing it for us. dad's business partner took us to Jakes Steak House (if that what it's called). They talked business from start to the very end of our meal. I didnt understand a word. All that came identified in my mind was "piling","expensive","golf","constructions sites","projects" and afterwards i clearly wasnt interested. But as i was eavesdropping and having a bite of the beautiful Chicken Bombay I ordered, I cant help thinking that, my dad came from an engineering background. how he evolved in becoming a master in business terms is oblivious to me. Just like dad, I studied statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, but never in my mind that i would consider businees as one of my majors.

Dad has been an inspiring figure for me. he's intelligent, book-smart, knows how to control his childrens and most of all, he gives us siblings our monthly allowances *Ka-chiiiing*. Dad never went to the overseas to study but his english is way beyond me. At times, dad tries to instill bits and parts of entrepreneurship into me but keluar telinga kiri je. lol~

But, seeing me in Dad's figure come 20 years later is a very high mountain to climb. Being the eldest in the family, you would have the feeling that you're the one who would follow your dad's footsteps. Yes, i can be like dad. i can grow grey hair, play golf with a handicap of 12, have a fat bank account, marry my soulmate, but what i can't do is have the same knowledge, live the same experience, inspires my children the same way he inspires me. I will be like you dad, but i won't be the exact same person as you are. you will overshadows me at times, but i will decide where the sun rises in the end dad.

Love ya dad!

examination progress:

Heat Trasnfer (chapter 1) ~ dah habis! yeah!

Vibration (chapter 1) ~ work in progress.

Control (chapter 1) ~ work in progress.

Instrument (chapter 1) ~ all is in my head. yeah!

ps : preparations for exams are the pain in the buttocks!

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