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Show's starting! Could someone please pull the curtains up!

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Hye. Mornin'. Evenin'. Early Mornin'. Late Evenin'. Well whatever the timeline is when you read this post, I would just want to give you a very warm welcome to this humble site of mine.

Owh.Not forgetting, my brothers and sisters of Islam. Assalamualaikum wbt.

For those who do not have any idea who and what importance does the writer hold in the world, allow me to give a brief introduction.

Given the name Faisal Rasyid Bin Roslan, which in Islam gives the meaning 'The Wise Executioner', is a typical Malay-Muslim-Malaysian men that live by the constant consumption of Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik. Born as a proud Libra in Sultanah Aminah's Hospital, Johor Bahru, he crucially deems to be an actor@pro-footballer, but knows both would never be reality as he is obligated to fulfill his parents wishes for him to become an engineer.

He is passionate about acting, about reading good materials, about playing football, and of course about showing that special someone how much he loves her....(mamat nih jiwang karat betol larh..)

His future writings would be based more on a local basis. Everything would be pretty much Malaysian-related. Politics (the writer has a soft spot for Malaysian politics), Malaysian behaviors, Malaysian football, European football, football updates, (wah..kaki bola ke mamat nih?) Certain adolescent issues, certain grown up issues which the writer tries hard to understand, Friendship, Love, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, even Music Reviews ( I don't usually purchase an album, I just listen to the tracks I like), even some world issues. Everything would be based on what the writers feels and thinks. Nothing more.

To conclude, the writer is open to new ideas and absurd discoveries. Feel free to drop by and paint something to the white sheet~

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