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Southampton 0 - 3 Manchester Untied

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This post would be my first unprofessional review of a football match.

After drama practice last night, Me and Syami went straight to see the 3rd round of the F.A. Cup between minnows Southampton and world champions (the reason I feel in love with football) Manchester United. We went to our favourite spot, Section 14's Jamal in PJ.

We waited for plus-minus 40 minutes for the match to actually begin coz in the papers the kick-off was 11.30pm. But the actual match would only start at midnite. So, there we sit chatting about the state of football in our nation, mesmerized to see how pack the home stadium was and wishing that we could have the same atmosphere here when Johor FC meet Selangor or something..

40 minutes gone, the match was finally starting. The line up was a bit absurd actually. Wellbeck, the youngster was put to pair with Berbatov in front. Giggs and Nani was monitoring both flanks. While Carrick and Anderson paired in the middle. At the back was Neville, Vidic, younster Evans and United's Jack-of-all-trades, O'shea. Much to the surprised of all of the Man U fans in Jamals, Southampton had what it seems like all of possession for the first 20 minutes. But they fail to guide the ball past through Van Der Sar.

There were some good thru balls played by United. Nani and Berbatov was very alive last night. Both showed good individual and team performances. Wellbeck did try to make an impact but his efforts are only good intentions of shots on goals, but never the goals itself.

The first goal came from a Nani's curving corner ball that O'shea headed on target but was pushed away by Davis before Wellbeck gave it a simple nudge over the line. Later on Nani scored the second goal for the night thru a penalty. I forgot who was fouled on the penalty box, but what the heck. A goal is a goal rite?

Patterson, Southampton striker was given the marching order when he intentionally gave a kung-fu low kick on Vidic's shins. Thank god they invented the shin pads. Gibson and Possebon was introduced after the break with Giggs and Carrick off. Gibson has errors written all over him. The right flank was not a good position for him after all. Hope Mr.Fergie could see this fact.
Possebon was more of a simple-passer. He didn't create a lot of chances for United to go upfornt. All he did was accept the ball, and then give it for his teammates to make the next move.Boring~.

Later, Rooney was introduced in the final 15 minutes thru Wellbeck. Berbatov and Rooney connects well on the field. A lot of Berbatov's thru balls find Rooney on the opposition's end only without the perfect finish. The last goal was an unchallenged finish. It was Berbatov's thru ball again which found Rooney sprinting thru the left 6 yards box, where he unselfishly pass the ball to a very open Gibson. Gibson then slashes the ball past Davis onto the back of the net. And tha goal raps up last night's match. Berbatov was undoubtedly the man of the match.

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