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post #57 : The Palestinian statehood: Obama's stand

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Salam peeps,

Of course, you have heard by now that Palestine, under the guidance of President Mahmoud Abbas, has already appealed to the UN for Palestine to be recognise as a state. A move that was refuted by President Barack Obama himself. 

Obama spoke at the UN General Assembly yesterday, using his veto power, to "advice" President Mahmoud Abbas and it's people to stall their application of statehood recognition to the UN and continue with it's peace talk with their Israeli's counterpart.

This clearly shows where Obama,in particular, and the administration of the United States, in general, stands in the never ending Palestine-Israeli Conflict. 

Continuing with the "Peace Talk"? What "Peace Talk"?
Since his early days of elected President, Obama has been portrayed  as the persona that is going to put an end to the Middle East conflicts, giving peace to Arab world. His main policy was to embrace Islam and recognise it as a religion of peace. His address in the University of Cairo, Egypt not so long ago was a spark of things to come from his administration, a further understanding of Muslim world. However, days gone by from his inspiring trip to Cairo, the conflicts are still on-going. Tunisia, Egypt, even Libya, all have fall under the conflicts that Obama himself sworn to abolish. Quiet the contrary.

The peace talk that Obama has so fondly defends has done nothing to improve the situation in the Palestine-Israel conflict. So far, Obama's "negotiation for peace" has been nothing but beautiful words printed out in the media just so that the world sees them as a peacemaker, trying so hard to erase the memories of so many wars that the US has initiated or assist in any way possible. 

Although Obama himself said that he wants to see a Palestinian state within a year, he resents the move that Abbas took in order to gain recognition. Obama believes only negotiation can bring peace to a century-old conflict, not by forced lenience to the world's governing body. 

Even so, no such milestone has been reached in Obama's tenure as peacemaker for the Palestine-Israel conflict. If his so called "Peace Talk" method should continue, then we might never see a recognized Palestinian state, only Palestine people oppressed in their own land. 

Hopefully, some consensus can be reached with the Abbas-Obama-Netanyahu pack, although we all now that Netanyahu is not one to be pleased easily. 

Viva La Palestine!

PS : more updates to come!

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