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post #56 : Five things we learned : MUFC v Chelsea, Spurs v Liverpool, Blackburn v Arsenal

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Salam peeps, 

Its that time of the week again for another Ayedology's Original, Five Things We Learned from the football fiesta we had on the weekends! First of all, I think it's fair to say that they were some unexpected results, shocking really. Although I really REALLY hate Liverpool, you've gotta say it was totally unfair the way they went down at White Hart Lane by that margin of goal despite having a good start in the season. 

Sympathy aside, glad to see the Devils is on track of retaining their title this season by completing a 3-1 rout over  a Chelsea under new management. Guess you can't emulate what your predecessors that easily eh Villa-Boas? So here's what we learn from some of the crucial games we had on the weekends;

1. Fernando Torres just can't score even with an open goal.
He had two chances clear on goal. The one he dribbled past two defenders but blasted the ball upwards. The other he managed to round up De Gea but somehow forgot how to finish it off. He had me LMAO! at the crowded mamak where I was. 50 million pounds full of blunders and pathetic football coming right up!

2. Arsenal is Titanic waiting to hit the iceberg.
Had the chance to score many goals at Ewood Park in the 1st half, even with Blackburn threatening through set pieces with Samba and Nzonzi, but didn't converge them into goals. Things didn't go well in the 2nd half either. Two soft own goals from Song & Koscielny and a surprisingly lackluster performance form Szczesny, they let themselves down yet again. And they inch closer & closer to the iceberg in front.

3. Liverpool aren't a resilient team.
Competitively, Liverpool have never recorded a came-from-behind win so far this season. They have notched up very good results from the start, but when they conceded first, they seemed to lost the resilience they once had (Remember Istanbul 2005?). Teams that wins title are teams has resilience. When you're down, and your players seem to go down in mentality, you just can't win a game. Man Utd showed the caliber and quality of a title winning team last season, notably Rooney's outburst in the 4-2 came-from-behind win over West Ham. If they still want to taste how a 19th title feels like, Liverpool needs to know how to be resilient and win at all cost! 

4. Rooney is on fire & he have to start all the games!
9 goals in 5 games. This season might be he's breakthrough season after all. The picture says it all.

5. Ashley Cole is one son-of-a-b***h!
Football's most hated person is at it again. This time he's prey was the innocent Chicarito. Got his leg straight to Chica's shin, bruised the poor kid, and got nothing but a yellow card, and then questioned the decision of the referee. God how I wish I could punch his ugly face right there and then. You lucky I can't afford a G6. If I did, I might just flew to Old Trafford and give a piece of my mind! 

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