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post #39 : Kesian Karam Singh Walia..=(


Probably by now, most of you have already heard or seen the video about Karam Singh Walia's outburst in public. If you haven't seen it, please view the following video. You have been warned.

Courtesy of Kosmo Online.

From this incident, Karam Singh Walia has met the media as recent as yesterday to explain the real situation. He said that, he made remarks to the motorcyclist that parked their motorcycles at will regardless of the public while entering a restraurant. At this notion, several Malay groups heard something else and accuse Karam of insulting the Malay people. This led to him being surrounded by a number of Malay people that was in the restaurant. Worried for his and his nephew's protection, he obligated to do what the Malay group told him to do and quickly apologize. Which led to the filming of the video above.

Now, keep in mind that Karam Singh Walia is an honorable journalist that fights issues regarding the environment throughout Malaysia. While doing so, has his own way and style of ending each news with a  number of hand motions and a simple Malay poetry, usually a Pantun, that reflects the situation of his news report. 

I'm not being biased in favor of Karam nor am I going against my rumpun, but usually when things as serious as this occurs in highly-sensitive Malaysia, the Malays will have these sense of togetherness all of a sudden and the will to protect their respectful right of being Malays in Malaysia. I, myself am provoked to defend my own race if I am insulted ethnically. 

But lets think outside the box for a while. First of all, Karam should know better not to insult or use racist comments to any race in Malaysia because it is as sensitive as ever. So did he really insulted the Malays, or did he just commented on the motorcyclist, (read: mat rempit)  that treated the road as if it's theirs? Provoked, these mat rempits motorcyclists came to confront Karam because of his comments and accused him of insulting the Malays in general rather than only the mat rempit motorcyclist in particular?   

Imagine the situation:

What he was reported saying was,
Karam : Bodoh betullah orang melayu! Siapa yang park motor sesuka hati nih?

But what he actually said was,
Karam : Bodoh betullah siapa yang park motor sesuka hati ni!

So logically, did he use any racial sentiments or remarks? Go figure.

Another thing was that, Karam was said to be drunk therefore making him unaware of his actions and words that he used. Oh really? I mean if he was really drunk, he wouldn't have apologized. Because, once your drunk, your consciousness goes outside the window. You'll do things without even thinking. So, if he was really drunk, how come he managed to muster that apologetic sentence, albeit using safe words, to the people in the restaurant?

And thirdly, when people are afraid of their safety, they can do absolutely anything to get away ALIVE. Karam, being surrounded by a Malay group, in the same time being accused of insulting the Malay general, cannot get away that easily without doing what was told. Therefore, he was forced into saying things like that because the group ASK him to, not because he did that on purpose. But again, I wasn't there to know the true story. This is all merely my own opinion.  

So can we judge him entirely on the video alone? I think it's best to listen to both side, Karam and the guy that posted the video. Know what really happen, before we spark another 13 May incident in the country.

Never judge a situation by first glance. Know the problem, analyze, then only decide whether it is right or wrong. 

p s : PERKASA senyap jek? Taknak komen ke pasai mende nih? =p

Quote of The Day : Okay, we are different it's true. And I don't like to do all the things that you do. But here's one thing to think through, You're a lot like me and I'm a lot like you!


DAUD said...

semua orang pernah buat salah,
dan kalau dia dah minta maaf,

dari sibuk marahkan karam sigh walia,
baik kita bahaskan pasal karpal singh,
lagi kurang ajar kot dia.

ayeDo Roslan said...

setuju dengan daud.
tapi cuma kesian kat imej die lah lepas nih.

karpal singh! jgn sampai die jumpe dengan mat-mat rempit kat kl sudeylah. naya je nanty.

Anonymous said...

A drunk person says what he/she truly meant which he/she could not or would not in a sane environment. Something like "The Mask"....Sorry Karam, a small piece of black dot deep in the heart accidentally came out, though there are still many flowers in your heart. It is not the end. Such race is also known as forgiver. It is embedded in their way of life. It is not the end.

Ripalo Cal said...

Hi, I really love the way you debate this issue.

However, about the point of being drunk....
He was not totally drunk but was tipsy maybe. When your tipsy, you can be conscious of what you are talking but sometimes you can't control what you talk (as in real deep inner feelings come out). Sometimes, people simply talk because they cannot control what they talk also.

As for his apologizing, it is possible cause he was in a dangerous situation and he excreted adrenaline which temporarily clears all the "drunk-ness"

Anonymous said...

Tiada sebab saudara Karam perlu minta maaf. He's telling the truth about mo-lo-yeu. " Bangsa melayu bukan berasal dr semenanjung, bangsa melayu bukan berasal dr Indonesia" Persoalan 1: Betul ke bangsa melayu bukan berasal dr semenanjung ? mmg betul pun. Ini kerana bangsa melayu bukannya 'org asal' @ org asli dan mmg berasal dr luar. Persoalan 2: Kalau bukan berasal dr Indonesia, abih tu bangsa melayu berasal dr mana ? Sekirannya berasal dr Indonesia, ternyata mmg bangsa melayu bukan berasal dr semenanjung. Fikir2kanlah & sedar balik asal usul sebelum melenting, melatah & naik angin tanpa sebab.

Anonymous said...

Bodoh punya mat rempit, malukan org melayu. Tv3 pun bodoh dengar cerita mengarut ni.

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