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Post #86 : 5 Things We Learn from Pahang vs Johor Darul Takzim

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5 Things We Learn from Pahang vs Johor Darul Takzim

1)      Football’s Golden Rule: Money Does Not Guarantee Success

It so happens that Johor Darul Takzim’s excessive spending in bringing in players with star quality attracts a new wave of football fan across the nation. The same scenario that happens with Chelsea when Abramovich took over, at Manchester City when Sheikh Mansour Zayed Al Nahyan became the owner & at Paris Saint-Germain when the Qatari Investment Authority bought the controlling shares at the club. Suddenly fans all over the world declared their love & support to these teams. Go back in time 20 years, you won’t even find anyone in Malaysia that support these clubs, let alone donning their colours.

But like all clubs that were highly invested, not all of them paid their dividends handsomely. Chelsea became the Champions of Europe last season before crashing out awkwardly from the Champions League this season, Manchester City created history by becoming the first English Champions not to win any of their Champions League group games & it took Carlo Ancelotti at least one full season to harmonize his mega-stars and turn them as table toppers this season.

The Golden Rule applies in any league in the world. Doesn’t matter how much money you invested, it cannot guarantee you a quick result.

Unless if you can buy Messi, then fuck the Golden Rule!

2)      Daniel Guiza had a great debut….for the first half at least.

Gerek Guiza Gerek
He is the most expensive player in MSL for a reason. And he showed glimpses of what he can do to the opposing defence in his debut game. Two sublime assist that could earn him the man of the match, with a debut goal the cherry on top of a perfect cake.

Some of his touches we’re poor & missed a couple of clear-cut chances on goal, especially the header in the final minutes from Addy’s cross. But I admire his work rate. Even the announcers acknowledged how hard working he was, trying to chase the ball & create something.

      This is only his FIRST FULL-TIME game. He was a Spain’s striker for a reason. Lets hope he still has those touches that won him the EURO 2008, at least.

3)      Soon-To-Be Harimau Malaya player : Fauzi Roslan

Bright Future ahead. Fauzi Roslan. No relation to Faisal Rasyid Roslan.
Single handedly led the Tok Gajah squad’s revival (read :Amok Tok Gajah!) in the second half. Scored the first two goals, and delivered a perfect cross to R.Surendren to silence the travelling fans with the winning goal.

Made Tuah Iskandar look like shit in the process.

Dato’ Rajagopal, what the hell are you waiting for?

4)      First Class Strikers, Third Class Defenders.

Pemain di bangku simpanan harap tidak kaki bangku. 
The problem with playing with a newly assembled team, mind you the first time they have been assembled to play a competitive football match, is the understanding between the players. There we’re none.

Despite the oohs & aahs that Daniel Guiza, Mat Yo & Safiq Rahim conjure upfront, it’s a whole different story at the back.

Tuah Iskandar - Muslim Ahmad – Tharmini – Azmi Muslim does not look comfortable at all dealing with Pahang flankers of Fauzi Roslan, Amirulhadi Zainal & Gopinathan. Hopefully a change in the back is needed, with Aidil Zafuan in bringing more experience & stability.

5)     Johor Darul Takzim against the World!....well, I mean, other fans from other   MSL teams.

The crowd in the Darul Makmur stadium was phenomenal. The home crowd really gathered around to watch their team in action against the flamboyant-royally-backed Darul Takzim.

If this is how it’s gonna be in every Away games in the MSL for Johor Darul Takzim, it is really going to change how we football lovers spend our Tuesday & Friday nights. Look forward to every game in MSL now! =)

PS : No live telecast of Johor DT v Perak. I iz sad!

DISCLAIMER : I do not own any of these pictures above. 

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