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Post #78 : Mesej Kongratulasi Seorang Jejaka

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“Abang! Ina dapat sepuluh!”


Hearing her voice so joyful makes me feel happy as well. Not the first time I’ve listen to the excitement in her voice. The first time I heard that tone was when she was about five or six, I think. She just lost her favourite blanket or in Malay terms “bantal busuk”. I still remember that old stinky plush with gut so. It was purple with some patterns complementing the stench it gives. Sort of like animals or aliens or something. I couldn’t really recall the details.

But it lived up to its name. You know how bantal busuk are right? Well in case if you didn’t have one, let me give you a sneak peek. It’s horribly smelly, full of saliva leftovers from who-knows-when and the moment it comes in contact with your skin, the smell stays for a good couple of days before it actually fades away!

My granny could not tahan the smell already. Now imagine that. Even an elder, provided that her incline in age means a decline in her perusal human senses, could not contain the stench it gave away, imagine what I, her bother who cannot resist the cuteness for the-then cute little sister, have to endured to get close to her. So what my granny did was she took the bantal busuk in the wee hours of the morning before my sister wakes up. She sental the germs & saliva & what other incumbents which have made habitat on that pillow till it was squeaky clean.

As expected the moment she wakes up, a loud cry can be heard from my parents’ bedroom, waking up the whole house in the process to comfort her from crying. Luckily the bantal busuk was dry enough for granny to be wiggling it to my sister. She stopped crying altogether. We were expecting her to cry again when she hugged her bantal busuk, noticing that all of the usual stench, smell even frozen saliva, has completely vanish. But to our surprise, she giggled and smiles excitedly while hugging her now very clean companion, oblivious to her family members who had just been dumbstruck by her reaction. She giggled quite long though, long enough for it to get stuck in my head. She was clearly very happy indeed; despite the conditions of that bantal busuk no longer have the ‘integrity’ to be called one.

So here we are, eleven years into the present, hearing the same ol’ giggle she gave the time she got her bantal busuk back. The frequency of the giggle coincide with how genuinely happy she was at that time. And I’m pretty sure she’s as happy now as she was the day she found her old companion back.

But as I constantly remind her, as I constantly remind myself back then, getting great results in your SPM does not necessarily mean that you would have a perfect future. Clearly that your results shows you’ve worked hard for thing you want to accomplished but later in the future, you need more than just academic excellence to help you along the way. Never lose that momentum that you’ve gained all the while during your SPM preparation. Never underestimate your time in your Matriculation or Foundation as a walk in the park. Just because you’ve aced your SPM does not guarantee you even 1% that you would aced your Matriculation/Foundation as well.

I’ve known this little sis, because I have done that mistake. I have underestimated my time during matriculation. I have underestimated my time during my first semester in my varsity. I am lucky enough to be where I am now. However, luck may not always be a good companion for those who want to achieve more. Therefore, I urged you never to underestimate even your weakest enemy. Always be prepared for even the simplest of task.

Always am proud of you, in whatever you do. Always.

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